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Thread: Vaydor Bodykits.

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    Metro you sound crazy.

    Why do you care so much about what customcraftedcars is doing?

    I think its a pretty bold thing that he is attempting to do and create his own supercar money from pretty humble beginnings.

    Its a great looking design and sure it has flaws cause the guy who made it just wanted to make his own crazy cool looking exotic super car for cheap.

    Supercraft cars is obviously doing well building them for people that have the money to afford them, they probably have more demand than the 75k price justify, they have a monopoly on the car and if people want it they have to go through them so charging 150k or more and trying to make it a legit super car seems pretty cool to me. I have never owned a Super car but in general as far as I know most super cars have tons of issues or are very expensive to maintain or repair. Lamborghini Countach, McClaren mp12-4c are pretty notorious. Aventadors have caught fire from revving the engine, all kinds of similar shit like that. The nice thing about his cars is you could probably get yours fixed without spending 30k on a part like the mp12. I do think he should try to go to Carbon fiber instead if possible for the body though at least for some of it to put it in the super car realm where carbon fiber is a must.

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    So I'm seeing that finally there's a new Vaydor website, and it appears they are relaunching with a new version. Not very much info, but it sounds like they're going to a brand new design, and doing turnkey only, with a mid engine layout (otherwise why the Mendeola trans?) and a blown LT4 engine. with a price tag to match. Existing body kit users will be serviced by other shops.

    I dunno...if I'm gonna blow a quarter million bucks on a car, I'd do a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren of some sort.

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