metro visability has been corrected we have raised the pitch of the window so visability will be 100% better. we will no longer be using any g35 parts from the junk yard. it will be crash tested and will pass all crash testing requirements. will have full air bag system custom made for the vehicle. we are changing the design in the front and the rear and will no longer be using the current fron or rear tail lights. will have a correct modern digital cluster not an Ipad glued in the cluster area. all new ac system that with functioning vents and defrost. we are also working on a full electric version and are keeping the price around 60k. I cannot comment on the ls3 engine 0-60 specs because we are still in testing mode but as soon as we can i will make sure to post our 7 sec or higher. thanks for your input its much appreciated

Aflo we are not as small as you think. you will be hearing huge things about us within this year. but thanks for looking into us. thanks for your input its much appreciated