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Thread: Vaydor tips tricks and facts

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    jimmy, is therre going to be another vaydor with a different body style? if so, when?

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    We are currently in the design phase of a new model, it will be vastly different than the Vaydor design. We plan to debut the car at the 2018 SEMA show In Las Vegas and offer it for sale promptly there after. The details of the design wonít be available until then but I can tell you that we will be utilizing a c6 corvette as the donor chassis.

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    Silly question but why not c5 as the donor ? Aren't they cheaper and just as good ?

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    Not a silly question, one of the main reasons we went with the c6 over c5 is the ls1 stock puts out about 350hp where as the ls3 is putting out right around 460 and they have the stock paddle shift triptronic feature in the automatics that was appealing as well. The cars arenít much different mechanically other than that and a slight difference in wheelbase so we anticipate being able to retrofit this kit to the c5 as well, but we will see.

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    I just recently had anotjer question come to mind... So what happens if your vaydor gets in an accident? Can you buy replacement parts? Or would you have to fix the fiberglass?

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    Yes, we do offer replacement parts to Vaydor customers. Most individual parts take about a week to produce.

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    Hello Jimmy! I'm in the middle of my vaydor roadster build and had some questions. Curt told me you were the guy to talk to and I'm glad I found this thread. You already answered my Emblem question, so the next on is how does the rear of the convertible top attach to the car? The front is easy to figure out, But my shop is quickly approaching the point of install the top and we just don't have a clue. The other question I had is what's the offset of the wheels and spacers that goes on a vaydor? Overzealous' thread stops before an answer for his 20's. I sent these to Matt last week. But he is a busy guy. Hope I will hear back from you about this. And just thank you for taking the time to do this.

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    Hello, if you look o the underside of the top you should be able to see a flat area on either side behind the side glass... there are pieces of aluminum laminated in the top right there do you can bolt a latch to it, youíll need to make a bracket to hold the other side of the latch that will bolt to the directly underneith it. Check your dm, Iíll send you my number do I can txt you pictures and instructions on how to make them. The rear wheel is -90 direct bolt and the front is-25 with a 2 in spacer. Iíve seen customers deal with wheel nightmares as far as having them made, if Amani has a style you like Iíd urge you to go that way and simplify the process.. with them you pick a wheel and tire and they show up mounted balanced with a pack of lugs ready to go.

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    Hi all,

    I'm loving the roadster model, and I'm about to dive into my build (my brother's body shop is doing the build), but I have couple questions that I'm hoping you can help me with:

    1- With the roadster kit and all the body cutting necessary of the G35 coupe, how is strength added back to the chassis of the car since the original G35 rear door frame was designed with a roof? I understand a new cage is included with the kit, but I'm just curious about returning/improving chassis integrity in a roadster model. Especially since this will be a twin turbo LS3 with over 800hp.

    2- Are airbags removed from the car with this kit, or are at least the front driver and passenger retained? I'm assuming any car with the side curtain air bags are removed. Any issues with state inspection (state = NH btw)? I will be driving this regularly on nice summer weekends, so definitely not a garage or trailer "queen" during the summer. Winter is a different story...LOL

    3- Are the lambo door hinges no longer an option? If they are still an option, do the hinges come with the kit or do you recommend a specific set? If only traditional hinges, do they come with the kit?

    Thanks so much, and my apologies in advance for the newbie questions. If these sorts of questions are answered in another thread please let me know, and my apologies. Kind regards... Mark B

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    Mark, no apologies necessary Iím happy to help you with any and all questions you may have during this build. First off the chassis that Infiniti/Nissan used for the g models if you notice have a high tunnel in the middle and the sides and in fact is that same basic chassis thatís used (different wheel base) on the Nissan 350z convertible so technically the chassis was designed to operate structurally without a roof. On the roadster we plate the center tunnel with 1 1/2 3/16 angle iron just for the hell of it too. Secondly the airbags arenít designed to fit the dimensions of the new body so using them may be more dangerous than helpful, Iím not an engineer so I couldnít be the authority on that one but when I was at SEMA once there were custom air bag companies there offering custom made airbags so Iíd look into something like that to ensure your safety. Lastly we have tried a few different cheaper vertical door hinges with little success so we contracted a professional hinge company to design a bolt on hinge for our Vaydor and they work amazing. They are not included in the kit and are a bit pricy but the fit and function is worth it to most people. The retail cost of the set of hinges is $1600.00. Feel free to ask away and if your builder needs any tips let me know.

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