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    He stopped updating his youtube, fb, and instagram. Any of you guys know what happened to him? Hes been around for a few years and there doesn't to be any verifiable customers of his.

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    Anyone who bought from him
    Is either too embarrassed to show the junk they received , or were outright scammed

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    My story.

    Cutlass442 was around at the time I bought my kit.
    4 years ago I called rob and asked if he had a G28 roadster body, he said yes. I asked if I can come by and buy one, he was okay with that.
    I arrived, paid in full, picked up my kit, and left.

    The kit is like all others by CKI or Triangle G; strong, but as expected, nothing OEM fits nicely (lights, grills, door cards, etc.) It needs work. It isn't Junk, it just needs a lot of work.
    All those kits have incorrectly sitting front lip, side skirt, too small openings for tail lights, etc.

    With patience, I was able to build a nice car from his kit on my MR2. Pics of the kit is in my build diary.
    This is my story.

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