Hello Everyone,

So... unsure when this project will lift off the ground and I will be posting pics asap of the new project to be, but I have acquired yet another power wheels.

This time, it's a quad or for those who prefer a more traditional name... a 4 wheeler.

My daughter is growing up fast and my sluggishness to obtain batteries to re-power the dust collecting vehicles taking up space in my garage has gotten to the point where the Jeep I customized for my daughter has been sitting unused for the bulk of our ownership of the vehicle.

Functionally, it's ready to rock... but without a battery... it's useless... Which the same applies to her Mustang and my sons F150...

So you can imagine the look on my wife's face when she saw the 4 wheeler now sitting in front of my garage. lol

So here is the issue. I know my kids have maybe one, perhaps 2 more years before they outgrow these toys. So I need to get on the ball here.

The plan is to have my kids sit in their vehicles to see if they have indeed outgrown them. My son is the biggest worry as I think he has fully outgrown his F150... but we'll see.

I think my daughter my have outgrown the Jeep I redid for her so that means she will have her pick of three vehicles if my son can't drive the truck anymore.

I really don't have space for all four vehicles... So that means something has to go. The Jeep may be on the chopping block unfortunately... so that leaves the F150, Mustang and the new addition to the lineup, the quad.

Seeing as I think she would fit on all three... it comes down to me deciding which one or two she would keep and I think it would come down to keeping the quad and the mustang.

So, I'll have details and images up as soon as I can and I'll post on which vehicles are staying and which are going soon as well.

Stay tuned!!