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Thread: Cheetah inspired build

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    Thanks Mike. I was in my 40's when I was able to start building cars. I have 5 children. I'm 62 now. My children are adults and gone. I miss the days of them being young and my house being filled with there voices and activities. Working on my car is what fills my days now.

    Enjoy your family. Time passes quickly.

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    I've built a second frame. I've been test fitting the components before taking it to a professional welder for completion. I'm on a tight budget for this build. I'm using readily available off the shelf parts. The headers and side pipes are from Patriot. Ends up that they will work well and are simple to install. Today I'm fabricating the brackets to mount them.

    A guy from another forum did a photo shop of my car. He's given me permission to use it.

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    Thoroughly enjoying this thread.

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