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Thread: Countach Doors

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    Countach Doors

    A company is building doors for my replica. My car is an exact copy molded from a 1989 25th Anniversary. The doors will be an exact copy. The doors will be reinforced and have all the mounting points for the door latches and handles. He will be making the frames for the glass also. I wanted to see if anyone else is interested in purchasing a set for their build. A steel set will run about $2800 and an Aluminum set will cost $3200. The Aluminum set is almost half of the weight of the steel set. Please let me know because the tooling will be dismantled after I take delivery. The workmanship is magnificent. He has build doors for other exotics and they were impressive.

    He will be making turn light buckets and pop up light pods with or without motors ready to bolt on also.
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    I would be inretested in the headlight stuff

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