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Thread: Countach wiper motor help

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    Cool Countach wiper motor help

    Was hoping anyone can post some pictures of their wiper motor setup. I have my arm installed and a piviot looking for some ideas on linkage, mounting and motor. Any suggestions or help appreciated.


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    I'm using half of a 1997 Porsche Boxster unit. I will post pics soon.
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    Thanks I had seen the new video I think on on the 9th and the videos you emailed me thanks again. I think I will be installing a Southern hot rods mini AC only unit as I donít really need heat for the air conditioning setup. Countachlover if you can post a pic that would be awesome I was planing on using some parts I had laying around work a Toyota Highlander wiper motor and rav4 linkage but would love to see your setup. On my last car I had a setup from ifg that incorporates the front latch and wiper motor together and used a fiero wiper motor but I never took pictures was look for any mounting ideas.

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