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Thread: English Jaguar inspired kit

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    English Jaguar inspired kit

    I am looking for a specific English manufactured body. It is vaguely Jaguar. He makes more faithful Jag replicas also. Maybe a d-type? This one is a 2-piece body only and is advertised as having an adjustable wheelbase due to the way the front and rear fit together. No doors. The pic on the website is a front right 3/4 view. It is white and maybe a blue insert. It is shown at speed in the photo. I know this is vague but any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Found it! Itís the lovely Mistral from Tribute Automotive.

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    I like the Mistral. I've been working on my own simple 2 piece body for a space frame that I built. My car uses SBC or LS power and 84-96 Corvette suspension. Here are a couple of pictures of it mocked up. The shape is inspired by the Cheetah. I have it apart now to do final body work in prep for molds. Having fun.

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    Wow! I love that! What wheelbase did you go with? I love the lines. Is there a build thread somewhere? I would like to have one of these mistral bodies but getting one to the states might be problematic.

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    The wheelbase is 93 inches. I built a jig for the suspension off of a C4 Corvette. I already had a jig base from other cars that I've built so I built the frame on my jig base. Once I had the frame where I wanted it I built a complete jig and a copy frame. My son and a few friends want to build one of these so I needed to be able to duplicate it.

    I started with a body shell of an oversize Cheetah replica. I have details of the mods I've done in the "Build" section on this forum. It's my Cheetah inspired build.

    The body shown is the plug. I'm having molds and bodies made by a professional fiberglass company. The body is 2 pieces. It can be molded grey sandable gel coat so that it can be painted. Or, it can be molded in colored gel coat. The seam lines would get buffed out and the body polished. This eliminates the need for expensive body work and paint.

    I have purchased a body from England before and had it shipped over. It's an expensive process. The Mistral body is inexpensive but is just skins. My body has the bulkheads molded in. The hood and the tub will match up perfectly and be stiff and self supporting.

    I'm building this car for me. It's my vision of a Cobra fighter that I've had in my head. But, since I have jigs and will have molds I'm going to offer bodies, or a body frame kit for sale.

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