Hey Gents.
Chaz here. Newbie and first time poster. I am looking for a full body kit for a Fiero. Altho I have never done a "kit car" like this, I have built Hot Rods and one Manx clone dune buggy, that I drive daily - weather permitting. I would now like to try my hand at real "Kit".
I have searched around on the 'net to try to find what might be good out there but ....no avail, so I thought I would come to guys who know.
I have not got my heart set on any one style, as i like several (I saw some on google images ), I am more interested in WHO out there makes them, the different styles and the quality - if you know it. It also doesn't matter if it needs stretched as I have a FULL welding fab shop to do it correctly.
So as to not waste anyone's time, if there is a site out there that can steer me towards companies, that would be cool too!!
Thanks a bunch in advance!! I appreciate your time and help!!!