Yep... i'm the guy that posted it on the Corvette forms. I'm Grandsport223. You're always going to get a mixed reactions and opinions from people. Ivan Tampi is also coming up with a similar ZR1 style front bumper. I also posted that on the Corvette forms... it's not bad looking but it's not identical to the ZR1 bumper.. it's got some kind of weird moulding that goes in the centre that I don't like and the centre grill makes it look like one of those bright exotic smiling fish you see swimming around in an aquarium.

Ivan's stuff it's pretty pricey so I imagine that bumper is not going to be cheap

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I like that and it doesn't look to terribly hard to fabricate or alter from a nose from someones kit.
Where are you located ? If you were anywhere close to Maryland I would give it a shot. I have done many projects like this. It may be time consuming but maybe someone else would like to do the same to there Corvette. Send me a PM when you have a chance
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I just found this car on the Corvette forum. The result from that forum are mixed about 50% like it and 50% think it is an terrible. One poster put a picture up of a new corvette ZR-1 , and it looks similar to the Lambo bumper vette