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Thread: Mercedes CLK GTR Replica from Scratch

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    I was in Lake Havasu and saw a mid engine kit car with a transverse Honda drivetrain that used the Lotus Elise windsheild. I stopped and talked to the guy and the company had only made a run of five kits before going under. I was really liked the look of it and stored the idea in the back of my mind. I found the price to be up there a bit as well but for some reason there were a lot of them for sale that included the windshield frame with it. That might be nice to have. I think the Avatar used an Elise also. Looks like a good choice
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    Thanks Chip, I hope you were at the lake for vacation and not work.
    I spoke to Joel this past week regarding windshield choice, his Miura uses a Corvette C4 glass and frame assembly. He doesn't see any issue sourcing a windshield in the future should the need arise. It may be to my advantage to follow his lead and use something mass produced. Honestly, I change my mind daily and need to finalize this in order to move forward with the build. tonight's Photoshop session uses a Mazda RX8 Windshield (lower pic).
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    Remember, there is always next year.

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    Лучший автомобиль, я бы купил его сам

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