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Thread: Mr2 Spyder Ford V6 swap

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    Mr2 Spyder Ford V6 swap

    Hey guys thought I would share my engine swap. The engine is from the mondeo itís an ST200 V6 which are 200bhp standard. There is plenty of scope for upgrade. Currently the engine is running a standard ford Ecu that has been tied in to the Toyota loom and Ecu. Car starts on the key now with all dash functions working. Got to sort rev counter. Engine is being pulled out again now to tidy all the fabrication up and have the bay painted and then all installed again neatly. Video link at bottom

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    I like it! What are you going to build upon it?
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    Intriguing. yes what is the end goal for this concoction?
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    Sick. I say put lotus Elise wheels on it, drop it an inch, and call it done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G35Mike View Post
    Intriguing. yes what is the end goal for this concoction?
    The plan is a new kit car body to go on top that Iím designing

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    DNA430's still being made?
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    Nope, and the lexus 3.5v6 is an easier swap, although the ST220 is an interesting project

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