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Thread: Vaydor for sale

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    Haha Iím flattered you spend so much time keeping track of what Iím up to.. so letís address the situation.. your car hasnít sold for a couple of reasons, first itís the worst quality Vaydor ever assembled and everyone that looks at it agrees. Secondly IM the authority on this car, people interested in your pile of shit come to me first and I tell them all the things to look for.. so youíre welcome. You can say all you want about my car, the fact is the two arenít in the same ball park.. people laughed at your shit box at festivals of speed and people admired the craftsmanship of my car in the main hall of SEMA. Your car is kinda like you and my car is kinda like me.. weíre not anywhere close to the same level, I build shit you see in movies and in magazines and you canít change your own oil. So fuck you and your uneducated opinion.
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