Hey builders, some of you know me. Some may not pretty much like the tittle says. Iím looking for a Diablo Replica partial build. I actually came very close to a purchasing one several months back but I had some unexpected bills come up and had to cancel last minute (sorry Mark) since then Iíve added a few more thousand to my budget and Iím thinking Id like to see whatís out there. Anyhow Iím back and still looking! $15k is my budget, please no emails telling me how Iím going to need a bigger budget for $15k Iíve seen some ďgood startĒ builds around that price over the years. If you would like to have your partial build go to a great home and see it finished then by all means please contact me.

PS: got burned on my last build so please no junk as i am well aware of what to look for this time around. In great state of Ohio: go bucks!