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Thread: WTB - 355 parts (replica or real)

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    WTB - 355 parts (replica or real)

    Looking for a few things for my AD355

    - WTB replica interior parts
    - door panels
    - driver's side gauge cluster and cover
    - gated shifter
    - WTB rear tail lights (replica or real)
    Any help, leads, etc would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance -

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    I recommend you PM mr355 (Rob Kubasaki) for the interior parts. He creates an amazing 355 interior package.

    For tail lights, I think EVM_Rob on here has molds for 355 tail lights. I am not 100% on the lights. I know he had 308 tail lights as I bought those from him but can't remember whether he had the 355?

    Can't hurt to ask.
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    I have a shifter box, gated shifter and shift knob, i also have a nice gauge cluster with low miles.

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    WTB 355 parts replica or real

    I may be interested in a set of the mesh style stockers as well...cant remember the style number, but I think they are a one-piece BBS wheel? LMK In case you liked this article as well as you would want to receive more information regarding Can you rent multiple apartments or Does adding a detached garage add value to your home kindly go to the web site

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