I am FIGURING OUT how to do this.

Added that to keep me out of the clutches of the nitpickers and soreheads.

So that new to kit car builders have finishable project.Or at least they can sell it and get SOME OF there

money back.

Carefully picking my words here.

Independent Front Suspension.Solid rear axle(regular Chevy 10 or 12 bolt type,like that)

Simple fiberglass body.That is a toughy.Open engine compartment(one less fiberglass part to make).

Same function as a 27 T body but updated look.One piece body for kit and some kind of nose to cover radiator and front

suspension.Another toughie.

That is the key to it.A body and nose.Add SUGGESTED frame plan and SHIP IT!

Forums or buddies can help them finish it.

Small block Chevy and auto to get this project just moving along.

There.I hope I made myself clear.