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Thread: suspension

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb1 View Post
    Plan is longitude setup in both cars.. which will make suspension swap a bit easier than attempting with transverse setup.. I have 3 other fieros besides these 2 kits.. I'll drive them if want fiero handling ..Lol..
    Im not sure the c5/c6 setup is best choice but from looking them over seems to be the simplest upgrade..
    Very cool. Please keep us updated on the progress. I'd like to see how you do it. If nothing else, the C5/C6 setup should be readily available. I've looked at the C4 hardware in my local salvage yard (they had 3), but right now it's a pipe dream.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    From what I am seeing locally , the whole assembly runs around $500... I will at least attempt it... I was reading an article about using the Lexus axles as the inner fits the Porsche trans and the outer joint fits the c6 bearing assembly..
    Trying to keep everything in budget.. I know times your better off spending the money... And if it is crucial there is no problem spending for it to be right.. but I will research and exhaust other

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