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Thread: Electric Supercar

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    Tesla front and back? One thing to think about is the weight of the batteries. Not sure the amount your planning on using but it will effect the overall suspension.

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    Just the back. The overall weight of the car will be roughly the same as what the suspension was designed for (maybe +10%). I figured vehicle dynamics, cornering, turn-in, etc. would be fine with the front kit suspension. The rear, I had some of the same concerns about the amount of torque the different motor would have and that it would wreak havoc on the rear suspension. I figured I would keep the entire rear subframe from the Tesla (including control arms, spindles, rotors, etc.). This way as long as I join the subframe securely to the kit frame we should be good. With the different vehicle dynamics (Tesla vs. Kit) I have been thinking about swapping out the air struts with coilovers but haven't crossed that decision yet.

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    Starting on Tesla motor cooling system.

    For those wanting more details

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