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Thread: Overheating remedies?

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    Overheating remedies?

    what should i do if my engine is overheating again and again? I have checked the cooling system but it seems fine...? what else should I do?

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    So what engine---what car ---what modifications -- what transmission --AC or not --have you done anything other then 'check'?

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    If you have a carburetor engine then more then likely you are experiencing vapor lock issue. Check your carb and you will see the gasoline boiling/bubbling. You will need to make sure there is enough air moving in the engine bay and make sure your gas lines are away from any heat source. You will also need a plenum spacer between your carb and your intake. Of course all this is after you make sure your cooling system is working properly including having a big radiator with plenty of airflow through it and a overflow tank. Make sure your exhaust is no where near your fuel line and ceramic coat your exhaust pipes and wrapped in heat tape, I put a fan to blow air and out the back across the exhaust as well as a fan blowing air on the engine block. Duct your engine bay so it sucks air in and blows the hot air out the back or down. Of course there are a lot of variables and depends on what engine you have. I have also experience overheating in a 3800 SC replica as well. Its the new blend of gas that boils at a lower temperature that causes the vapor lock hence engine overheating issue. Symptoms are when you come to a stop light after driving your car for 30-60 min and the car stalls then you have to wait 30 or so min (For engine to cool down where it stops the gas from boiling again) before the car will start again.
    I had to do all of this on my v8 powered Lamborghini Diablo Replica as well as my Ferrari F40 replica (sold and miss it)

    Hope this helps
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    that's true, should include more info so that we can help. since the old car can need more effort?

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