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Thread: Cutting the fiberglass body

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    Cutting the fiberglass body

    Hi to all,
    I started the F355 Project Sept 1st 2003 , I have lots of fresh ideas,
    but this I'm not really sure about, please read below

    I was thinking of detaching the following from my 355 body
    the 2 bumpers front and back from the 1 piece clips
    the 2 rockers
    the front bezel next to the head lights
    the rear lights section (I will make the 2nd iner piece for lights)
    I have an IFG splash (Perry Designs)

    Has anyone done this, or am I the only NUT !(I know others have detached the rockers ) ???

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    Re:Cutting the fiberglass body

    Good luck with your project!!

    I think that you are asking for a lot of extra work. Just for instance, once you sepperate the bumper from the fender you will than have to create a lip so they cn be put back together, than you have to deal with aligning everything. The 1 piece clips are tough enough to aligh without the extra work. I am in the process of putting one togheter with a similar design. I am not saying it can't be done, I am just not sure if the extra work is worth the difference you will get in the look of the finished car.... just my opinon. If you decide to sepperate the rockers, I do have a set of full lenght rockers for sale (bought them from funnywheels but I am not going to use them).

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