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Thread: ***RACEFAB INC***

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    Steve is racefab!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianBurton View Post
    And by the way

    Ask them about

    That is just to name a few, hell they built a spec class chassis for a guy and the chassis as built made the car illegal for the class
    Well Chris, I have read enough of this mess. I will say he paid to have them fixtures made. Now whether he was to get them when they was done. I'm not sure and I don't remember. But I can tell you this I ended up cutting half that chassis apart on my jig and rebuilding it cause the dam thing was a mess. And I do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars I'm my jig or fixtures. I do have a lot of money in them but not anywhere close to that. And I have several sets of fixtures depending on what's on the chassis.last set I made was for an OE mercy. Of which I have two more to fix. One is mine the other I'll sell

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