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Thread: Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

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    Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    I saw this car on a local message board (San Francisco Bay Area)

    The driving lights haven't been cut out, the grill appears to be some sort of mesh and it needs to be lowered but the price is pretty good..

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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    that pic may not be of the actual car being sold...i mean it has wheels and tires on it in the pic...y wouldnt he sell them and he also mentions that the rims are still in the boxes

    besides - i think that price is simply a leapoff point and he is hoping for the inevitable bidding war...

    just my 2 cents

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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    is the drivers side mirror falling off or is it mounted wrong lol

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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    Not a bad looking car... But you'd think that if someone put so much money into a car, they'd know that a Spyder replica would be a convertible..      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    Hey guys:

    I'm new to the forum and to be honest to kit cars in general.

    I saw this guys ad too, and he lives close by. I'll be honest--I don't know anything about the ferrari 355 or the 355 kit for the fiero. Don't know anything about fiero's either. Never even driven one.

    Here's his original ad with some basic info and a link for more pictures:

    Here's what he also told me:
    -Its a Rad Design Body Kit w/3inch frame stretch... Reinforced 2 times.
    -The chassis is on a 1986 pontiac fiero, 116,000 miles on it.
    -automatic transmission 4 cylinder
    -6cylinder exhaust already installed just needs 6 cylinder motor to be installed
    -installed professionally in Los Angeles reinforced frame two times.

    I asked him about the rims:

    the rims in the picture are cheap and they have spacers on them........ i dont know if you know about spacers but they are not exactly safe to ride on. I have rims that were made specifically for this car and they are beautiful and still in the box brand new. I want the rims you seen in the picture back unless you just want to buy the car. if you want to buy the car alone and not the rims ill give you those rims that are on it for free!!.

    I figure since all of you know much more than me and are more critical, you can give me some tips on whether or not this is even worth taking a look at or a test drive. If I'm seriously considering purchasing it, of course I'd have a mechanic look at it beforehand to make sure it won't break down the next day.

    I figure $10000 (including the rims) isn't too bad? (I'm not sure how much new tires would be for those rims).


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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    Hi Kayexelate,
    Welcome to the forum!

    My first suggestion for you would be to take a licenced mechanic with you to look at the car. Out here in Rhode Island, there are people that will go and inspect a vehicle, for a fee, and give you a non-biased opinion on the car (check your yellow pages). Secondly, changing the rims will not change the need for the wheel spacers he mentioned unless he has extended the suspension??? I would look a little closer into this... I could be completly wrong about this but my gut says beware....

    Again, check it out carefully and if something doesnt feel right then walk away, there are more replica's out there for sale.. Do not impulse buy!!!! just my opinion....

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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    Quote Originally Posted by mike d.
    is the drivers side mirror falling off or is it mounted wrong lol
    It looks like the mirror is mounted to the "A" post near the windshield. I wonder how he opens his door with the side glass up?

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    thats what i thought dave, i done that on the first 512 i built,had to either roll the window down or exercize caution and not let the door open to far.the guy i sold the car to mounted it properly.

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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500


    I'd be sure to have it checked out before buying it. Maybe even have it checked by a body shop. They might be able to see how well the body is mounted?

    Wish I could be more help, I live in Sacramento and would be willing to take a look at it for you. However, I've never built a kit or have one yet. If you do get it I wouldn't mind seeing it sometime.

    I've always heard "look at in person before buying it" when it comes to kit cars. Lucky for you it's local and that makes it easy for ya. Good Luck

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    Re:Yellow Ferrari 355 Coupe Replica - $8500

    i like it
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