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Thread: Foam for moulding

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    Foam for moulding

    I believe I once read a post here that said Home Depot carried foam that we could use to mould our fenders, bumpers, doors or whatever else we thought we wanted to get a plug or mould from. The problem is I've been to several Home Depots in the area (S.F. bay area) and none of them seem to carry that green foam that cuts and sands so nicely. I could go to the local hobby shop BUT!!!! they want an arm and a leg for it, Does anyone have an alternative product??? what about that spray foam in a can?? does that work well for sanding and shaping???? Im workin on a set of fenders for the rear end. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re:Foam for moulding

    The foam people refer to at Home Depot is actually lamenated to an aluminum foil (urethane) and is about 1/2" to 3/4" thick. The pink stuff (poly) comes in thicker pieces, but needs to be sealed before you glass over it, otherwise it will melt. Both of these will sand real easy. I've used the can foam for small pieces, but I've found that it is dificult to sand and very difficult to get an even coverage. Boat supply places might carry larger blocks of the urethane foam.
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    Re:Foam for moulding

    Try some of the Lumber yards around your area, or places that sell insulation. The one a mile from my house sells 2" thick aluminum foil faces insulation board in 4x8 sheets and it's about $30 per sheet. It also carries the 2" thick blue (same as pink I think) foam board for $20 that sands incredibly well, but like RCR said... it needs to be sealed before putting glass over it. Seal it with plaster, spackle, joint compound... stuff like that. Epoxy is suppose to seal it too, but I haven't tried that.

    If you are just using it one bumper, Get the cheaper stuff and get the basic shape out of it and when done, cover it with box tape or duct tape. Then glass over it a couple times and bondo it smooth. Pry it off to use it, or keep it on and mold it with fiberglass for multiple copies. There's no sense using the expensive stuff if you don't have to.

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    Re:Foam for moulding

    What Ken says, plus a couple of coats of shellac work well as a sealer. I've also been using masking tape and a coat of carnuba wax on my more recent stuff to seal the foam.

    One last thing, use a dust mask when sanding. The foam is a good irritant to the throat and lungs.
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    Re:Foam for moulding

    And if you are doing it outside, make sure you do what I do and sand right next to your freshly washed car. >

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    Re:Foam for moulding

    go to home depot,buy issuranite foam with the foil backing,it has a yellow-brown color,and they stock it in 4-5 sizes up to 2 inshes,polyester fiberglass won't attack it,and you can glue pieces together for more theckness using good old bondo,or
    hot melt glue,or find a marine supply depot that can get nyou 2 pound density urethane foam in different thicknesses.

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    Re:Foam for moulding


    I got my foam from surfboard supply.
    call the Santa Cruz store and ask for
    a technical guy to help you decide
    which foam will work for you.

    You could find other local supply shops maybe.

    check out my build with foam.;threadid=3221

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