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Thread: Kit Car Good Vendor List, Last Update: 13May Don't buy anything from Jack 2011

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    ROBLP640 scammed me as well he stole money and my body that I sent to him!

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    Anyone ever worked with Robert Lindsay of Spyders Inc? The RSK Spyder Website has not been updated in some time but spoke with him this week and he seems like he's still up and running. Just looking for some experiences good or bad with him, or any other company he ran previously. Thanks for the help!

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    THANK YOU for the list! It's very informatinve. I AM sorry to hear about your CarKitInc experience. I had a pretty good (not perfect, but good enough to work with) kit from them. I have really had good feedback on a continual basis from them, but I understand that each person's experience has been different. As far as the others, because I fabbed my own rebodies for some other builds, I don't have any experience with them, EXCEPT for Super Replicas. A good friend got ripped off by them. They are a TOTAL scam. Thanks again for the info!

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    dam, sorry to see some of the crap guys have run across. the internet breeds all sorts of crooks. i have been scammed only a few times on ebay, but that was before the new policy changes and in total it has been less than $500 total.

    just a word of note to people, when you are asking for pics of your car or for work done, get them to give you pics with them holding a piece of paper stating the date and some other info like your name or their name on it with car in background. if they cannot give this to you within 24 hours, then start your resolution process. guys that are trustworthy will be more than happy to do it, guys hiding something will become apparent. also contact with other vendors they work with to make sure parts are being purchased is a good idea. an internet search can get you a long ways to finding someones address, relatives, place of work, and dealings pretty quick these days. best to get this info FIRST before sending any money.
    if someone is not willing to take visa or paypal even if you are willing to pay the fee is also a red flag. i personally feel that forums should not harbor these guys and produce their info if it happened on their site for authorities or to the consummer so they can pursue. the fact that admins don't gives these guys a free ticket to do what they want.

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    Does any one know if this site is legit thanks for your time

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    Anyone Know

    Does anyone know a good vendor i could buy a zonda from for around 20 K. if so please message me

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    anybody out there have a source for Mera tail lights...please call tom...757 553 6611...THANX

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