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Thread: 355 music...would this actually work?

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    355 music...would this actually work?

    In this case with a framed red grill cloth to hide the speaker and look more factory of course.

    How many cf is back there...

    what size driver is this? 8" or 10" perhaps? What would be really nice here would be a Kicker Square Solobaric with a black grill or cloth.

    This is actually a good idea and easy install.* I am 6' 01" and I think a behind the seat sub would not only cost me leg room but wouldnt look or sound as good.

    I don't have my donor car to look at nor take measurements, please provide.

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    Re: 355 music...would this actually work?

    Actually upon thinking on it, why not mount the sub on the top of the unit. That way it would be almost invisible!

    I dont think the airspace needs to be this large so the unit could actually contour the same angle as the seats farther back parallel to the seat backs so it wouldnt look so massive. Subs now dont need all hte airspace subs needed 15 years age when this install was designed.

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    Re: 355 music...would this actually work?

    I would think that mounting the speaker on top you would have to relocate your computer

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