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Thread: Installation videos?

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    Installation videos?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever purchased an installation video seperate from the kit?

    Im specifically looking for a D&R or IFG video.

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    Re: Installation videos?

    well I dont know if this helps, but it helps me a great deal.I have two videos that I bought that have a kit lambo countach and a diablo(but the diablo video sucks!!!!!)I got it from euro works.The countach video is great though it covers many areas that are important(many)its over 60 minutes long!only bad part is if you are going to build a diablo like me then you are going to have to use the info for your build.send me an e-mail and Ill work out a way for you to have a copy if you want.

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    Re: Installation videos?

    Hey Thunderwulf,
    How are you?Guess you decided not to go with the videos.If you change your mind in the future let me know.Good luck with your project.

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    Re: Installation videos?

    ;D lamboLoverForever!!!!!!!!!!!check your messages!! 8)

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