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Thread: 360 tail lights

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    360 tail lights

    Hey guys, i am hoping i can get some help in obtaining the rear lights for my 360 kit car, i've already been quoted the $1,000 for the real ones, i'm looking to see if there is anything else outhere that is worth looking at, within a more affordable price, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re:360 tail lights

    The 360 rear light are the same as the 355. Outside use the tail light and turn signal, inside use the back up and break light. Make sure you get the wiring harness that goes between them. The Ferrari part number is182208. That way you only have to chop off one plug for the Fiero splice and the other end will plug into the special connecter that is used by Ferrari. Delphi Automotive makes the part if you have any contacts at GM. Maybe they can get it for you at a discount.
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