Hi Everyone,

Can someone give me an idea of the best closed cell foam (or preferred) to use for a custom door panel / dash / console-sides project I'm working on? I know that it seems Ken / WraithInnovation (off the top of my head) as well as others seem to have quite a bit of knowledge with these things.

In the past, I've used EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and a Cross-Linked Polyethylene and I think one other type.* It's been so long I can't remember which would be a better choice.*Or if there is anyting "new and exciting to use".* I've been looking at this* Volara closed cell foam as well recently.

I have some scraps from before and it looks like I used 1/8" for the door panels in the past and for the sides of a console (and then covered both with vinyl).* This is what I can't remember:

1. What type of glue I used.* I think I used PVC glue with the EVA (I think).* Can anyone help?

2. do you think 1/8" foam for the dash is do thin ?* I keep thinking I should use 1/4".* The vinyl (with the U.V. Inhibhitors of course) does "squash it down" pretty good but I don't want it too "thick looking".

Any tips on this would be a great help. I'm leaning toward the 1/4".