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Thread: Ferrari Rims - Replicas

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    Ferrari Rims - Replicas


    I was where to find good ferrari replica 5-star rims similar to 288/308/328/Testarossa. I'm aware of HRE, Speedline and the 3 pc. Compomotive, but I've also seen other good replicas out there. Anyone know of other makes? Cromodora made the replica rims for the Mera, right?

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    Re: Ferrari Rims - Replicas

    I have a set of 15" Chromadora (SP?) rims from my 308 replica, (not my Mera). I replaced them with 16" Compomotive's. The rims are in great shape I can post pictures if you are interested. I would want $1200 plus shpping. Theses people made rims for Ferrari and only made these rims for a short period of time. They are 5 X 100mm stock Fiero bolt pattern. I'll check but I think the fronts are 15X7 and rears are 15X8.
    Take care. Bill

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    Re: Ferrari Rims - Replicas

    I have always liked the Boyd's rims which look similar to the compomotive TS

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    Re: Ferrari Rims - Replicas

    Do you know the style or model number of the Boyd's Rim? I'd like to see 'em.

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    Re: Ferrari Rims - Replicas

    Team III has an excellent replica rim. Looks like the 328 and Testarossa rim. They do not advertise them but I think they still make them. In 15 and 16 inch. 7,8 and 10" widths. Do a web search and call them.

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