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Thread: Ferrari 288 GTO - BUILD - Project

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    Hey Don! Much progress you have gained. I recently used an Uno for another project I was working on. It had a couple different modes and it worked well for what I was doing (traffic light sequencer). 3 years ago, I tore the interior out of the 512TR and had some roadblocks, the HVAC controller being one of them. I remember I have photos a few years ago where MacGyver took a multi-gang rotary switch and made that work. There has got to be an easier way as the truth table for the switching was not that complex. Anything you can share with me would be most appreciated, I have a YouTube channel where I am working on some other cars, and plan to get back on this one shortly. Again, thank you for the convertible top header for the 355 I was working on. I'll never forget how you removed that on your car and graciously sent it to me so I could finish. Good luck on your progress.

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    I hope everyone is staying safe in these very unusual times. Keeping me busy at work(actually from home but working....) for sure.

    Ferrarixxxman. Drop me a pm or email me and I can show you some stuff we have been doing for the Fiero HVAC.

    A bit more progress last night. Finally able to take some time in the garage and get the exhaust pipes tacked up and some mounts put in place. Ran out of TIG gas so need to wait until I can go out for less priority items..... I am happy with what I have so far though.

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