Ran the wires from back to front in the conduit and bent everything up to fit properly and be safe. Now on to the engine bay for one last review and cleanup before putting the driveline back in one last time for final fitment of everything. I looked at the gas filler area/shelf and couldn't leave it alone. I looked at what was done and someone back in the 90's paid good money for the company that built the car originally to put stuff together with just poor design and forethought. I also wanted to build a box for the filler as right now it is wide open on the back edge so any fuel fumes go directly down into the hot engine bay during filling. Gas fumes are heavier than air so will fall down. An opportunity to ignite if enough fumes went into the hot bay. Therefore, cut out the old shelf and making up a new one now. Should have it completed by end of the night.

More crap to have to fix correctly..... never ends.