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Thread: f355 mirror glass

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    f355 mirror glass

    my mirrors are plastic and appear to have warped in the recent heat!

    Does anyone know what I can source some from or get some cut in the UK? (cheaply of course)



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    Re: f355 mirror glass

    Your mirror glass is plastic and warped???

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    Re: f355 mirror glass

    the mirrors that dave jones/roy kelly use are a plastic with a mirrored front, you can get big sheets of them from shop fitters and plastic companys, take a template of the mirror and ask a glass shop to cut you one out of an off-cut mirror. if not ask dave jones or roy kelly they will sell you just the glass.

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    Re: f355 mirror glass

    Why would you want to use PLASTIC?!?! on the side mirrors? Any good glass shop can cut and grind you one out of glass. Then it won't look like hell after a few years and many washings. I have even taken mine from the glass shop and taped off a logo to throw in the bead blaster to frost the image onto the glass. Eric

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