Ive got a 94 supra. Mods are really too long to list but to see if there is any interest here is cliffsnotes
stock engine(comes with pauter rods/pistons, cams, throw these in the stock block with stock crank and have a 1400+capable engine) The stock engine has lived past 1000whp in the past.
Turbokit consisting of CUSTOM drag radial spec SS80mm, good for 1500hp
upgraded fuel system(twin lines, twin pumps, 1000cc injectors, etc...)
AEM standalone EMS and comes with piggyback system installed currently
TH400 transmission/PTC convertor(this is the spare tranmission that MarkoD had for his full weight 8.5 second car) BUT comes with a freshly rebuilt getreg 6 speed, RPS clutch/flywheel
Fully molded bodykit(the right way, shop spent 2 months on just this step, no flex even with top off)

and the list goes on and on. The car is an original TT car and similar cars sell between 48-60K. Id like to find a NICE merci/diablo kit that is finished OR finished minus something small(paint or engine, or wiring, etc..) Car is on Speed channel everyweek in the opening credits of Nopi Tunervision. Having two 1000+hp capable cars just doesnt make sense in my life right now. Looking for something to cruise and look good, and a replica makes the most sense for me. I know its an odd request for a trade(I can only imagine how many "everyday" cars you guys are offered as trade) I have more money than I can even imagine in this thing. At the moment it is setup more to race, but throw the 6 speed in it, sell the th400 and go kill a busa from a roll. Or keep the auto(its faster anyway ) and go kill 99.99999% of the other vehicles on the road. As stated, diablo/merci kits ONLY
Thanks, PM or email at single94supra@gmail.com