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Thread: Looking for feedback from everyone who has a completed car

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    Re: Looking for feedback from everyone who has a completed car

    Quote Originally Posted by BullRider
    I think every car is different, and needs to be evaluated based on how its put together and what's there to work with.

    I had an '89 Countach replica with a 350SBC. I did 400lb coilovers in the back, stock suspension in the front. I also had heavy duty sway bars front and rear. I did have interference issues in the front when I hit the brakes hard or when I cornered hard. The front wheels rubbed on the wells. Increasing the spring weights won't solve the issue, they'll result in a poor stance and poor performance. I think with kit cars, 90% of making them look good is getting the correct stance. Almost all of them that I've seen completed have the car sitting 1" to 2" too high.

    What I did was flare my front fenderwells out about 1". That allowed the wheels to recess into them without hitting anything. Fortunately for me, my kit had thin fenderwells to begin with, so spreading mine out actually helped the look of the car. The ride was not compromised either, and it was great to drive.

    Installing your bumpstops in the correct place will help lots too.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    This was during the course of final completion. Note the white areas on the front fenders where I pulled them outwards:

    And after:
    HI all,

    Do you have an interior pics of this kit? Would like to know what dash was used, and what it looks like, please.......
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    Re: Looking for feedback from everyone who has a completed car

    Great job rod.... A+++++++++ ;D

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