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  1. Lambo Help
  2. Can the G50 box handle the power
  4. LP640 door striker location measurements
  5. Heat Gun On Fiberglass Tips Needed
  6. Roofless pickup truck?
  7. Wheel spacers needed in the UK anyone know anyone ?
  8. top speed fiero
  9. new porsche hybrid
  10. Paddle Shifters with Stock Fiero V6 auto
  11. Lambo Upholstery
  12. chrome rings for murciealago dash vents
  13. Fabrication/modification questions for altnerative transmissions.
  14. Lambo Flipkey Idea
  15. Lambo murcielago frame+body?
  16. reventon parts on lambo stuff
  17. Turbo Charging Stock Fiero V6
  18. Moving door Handel
  19. Lambo Door Shock Selection Help Needed
  20. Is any one else having trouble registering with kitcentral.com
  21. murci/reventon engine compartment pics
  22. How to attach panels ??
  23. Paint name or code
  24. HID kit, projectors and lights for the LP640
  25. 00 Pontiac Sunfire Over heating problem
  26. who was doing the covertible top frame for the 355
  27. In dash Kenwood unit on LP640
  28. trim help please
  29. Licenseplate holder with led light
  30. Was thinking - V12 Vantage.....
  31. Logo. Does anyone know how to make that?
  32. Glove box hinges
  33. How hard - Laser scanning a 1/18 or 1/10 model cars for panels
  34. How to seal foam before glassfiber laminating?
  35. transaxle dimensions??? help needed
  36. 3000gt vr4 twin turbo
  37. Inland Exotics
  39. fiero strech
  40. Just bought carkit inc porsche carrera gt what engine to put in?
  41. New to forum ,Just aquired a 355 body kit w/ a 87 fiero that has been stretch 3"
  42. donor for ad355 kit?
  43. Rear Suspension for Fiero LP640 build
  44. Chassis stretching..does the Gummint get involved?
  45. cost for a 3" stretch on a fiero?
  46. using expanding foam behind panels
  47. 300zx headlight dimensions
  49. Front Air Shocks for Fiero Based Vehicle
  50. E gear conversion for any automatic
  51. Bonding on panels
  53. Pontiac G6 trans on Fiero V6?
  54. another lamborghini door question
  55. Murci Question - Anyone know what these are for?
  56. Fiero - OEM LP640 Tail light wiring diagrams
  57. Biber HAPI
  58. f355 brakes
  59. colour sand & buffing questions
  60. Lambo replica Jaguar v12 vs bmw v12
  61. Aston Martin replica, anyone do this kit?
  62. replacing Fiero fuel gauge with a Stewart Warner, can somebody help?
  63. This has to be the Ultimate V12 motor for a replica
  64. Where is a good place to get nice lookin lambo interior done?
  65. reventon rear tail lights help pls ... need dimensions
  66. Composite Work
  67. upholstery for lambos in Los Angeles area
  68. Ventura
  69. This is one of the best Merci replicas ive seen
  70. Whats a good estimate for adding doors??
  71. murcielago dash differences
  72. Need some help. Thanks
  73. anyone that works with foam
  74. MR2 chassis reinforcement for a roadster conversion
  75. Wheel track width
  76. Prepping Fiberglass for bonding
  77. How do I setup my instrument cluster for my Murci
  78. 3d scanning and glass?
  79. murci wheels
  80. adapter
  81. VDO Tach Issues with a 3800 SC Series III Engine and Computer
  82. Brake issues. Who is good at this stuff?
  83. Need some step by step info
  84. Anyone have access to complete GM Parts Catalog?
  85. Autobody guy /waterbased paint spray gun question.
  86. What car for 6 foot 2 and size 12 feet
  87. volarri on ebay
  88. V12 headers
  89. does John still have 355 molds
  90. 4x4 front diff cosworth seven based kitcar
  91. Engine Cover and Front Trunk Latches
  92. Ethanol
  93. How do you add a signature on here?
  94. All wheel drive???
  95. what about this v12 now this is awesome
  96. M120 V12 engine
  97. lp640 rear window, and side glass
  98. lp640 head light lenses
  99. batwing hinges
  101. IFG 6.0 Replica
  102. fake rotors
  103. looking for drawing / concept cad help
  104. Headlights for Countach
  105. 355 dash vent and widening of the front crossmember question
  106. not kit car related but need help with a build
  107. wanted: e-gear paddles and console plate
  109. New Engine for my New Diablo 6.0 comming in
  110. Kelmark GT
  111. Anybody putting a BMW V12 in their stretched Fiero?
  112. gullwing door windows
  113. f355
  114. Lamborghini front badge dimensions (help needed)
  115. lexus v8
  116. Wishbone fabrication
  117. A good product you should all know about!!
  118. Tutorial of mirroring a body panel from right to left
  119. Boot/trunk release or door popper kit
  120. I need a set of diablo mirror shells ...
  121. roof help
  122. custom flywheel
  123. VDO "Aftermarket" speedometer in a stock fiero??
  124. Has any one worked on CAR KIT INC Porsche Carrera GT doors?
  125. countach interior
  126. Has anyone done a 355 GTS Targa?
  127. Extreme 360 DVD
  128. Solstice windshield
  129. Do you have to sand fiberglass first?
  130. What is the best way to widen suspension for kit cars
  131. porsche transaxle help
  132. Jag v12
  133. Orange Countach replica
  134. Body build. 50g/m2 fiber? how many m2 to purchase?
  135. Looking for 355 side mirror shells or other options
  136. Virtual dashboards and data logging from SEMA show
  137. Sebring Windshield on Fiero Ferrari style
  138. Lamborghini door lights
  139. Fiberglass Parts
  140. OEM 355 headlight wiring help
  141. Plasma cutter anyone?
  142. Who can make copies of Tail lights for me?
  143. Windshield/Windscreen
  144. Badges/emblems/script/etc
  146. Which builder would you go with for Ferrari 360 SRC or DNA
  147. Were is Perfect location for ferarir 355 kit gas door
  148. m70 info
  149. thomas stainless steel paint
  150. Help with mounting Rear tail lights on 355 kit
  151. Murci buttons
  152. Graphics for the Murci buttons
  153. SEARCH!!! Fiero Steel Drop Spindles
  154. MR2 MK2 and MK3 windscreen differences?
  155. SH-AWD??
  156. Help with doors
  157. Boot f430 hinge help
  158. dash measurments
  159. Countach aftermarket exhaust
  160. 8 Degree Spindles
  161. Aircon advice
  162. i need help building a ferrari f355 spyder
  163. Drivetrain question
  164. Need help on wireing for chrysler product wiper motor
  165. Murcie buttons ??
  166. Fiero Fuel Tank Question
  167. Fiero Frame Stretch and cutting for a Countach build
  169. FERRARI 599 Replica
  170. G28 glass
  171. Elise???
  172. Mucri Roadster Engine Lid Hinges
  173. 99 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster Steering Wheel
  174. Reverse rotation gears....possible??
  175. Wiring Help Please! Who is good at this stuff?
  176. Primer question
  177. Engine cover
  178. Stock Fiero Hub to hub measurement
  179. agp glass
  180. Question about fiberglass panels (how much to use for a panel)
  181. Will the NAERC chassis work for an LP640 build?
  182. Fitting grills (g28l)
  183. Coupe to roadster?
  184. need basic advice on 95 camry engine swap
  185. Ford Taurus SHO engine
  186. Advice needed Mr2 and DJ 430 kit
  187. Free access to Lamobuilder's eManual for limmitted time.
  188. anyone from Phoenix, AZ has experience stretching the MR2?
  189. Fiero getrag shifter install?
  190. Audi v8's?
  191. Fiero clutch cable?
  192. Wheels
  193. BBS CH and CH-R wheels
  194. Murci door glass
  195. VW G60 engine
  196. Source for wheel well louvers?
  197. lambo doors
  198. prop shaft
  199. Ferrari extended windshield glass
  200. Koenigsegg Engine
  201. fiberglassing on plastic issues
  202. Murci steering wheel
  203. Fiero Wiring help please!
  204. Ferrari 430 headlight plug - Any ideas???
  205. 355 Door measurement needed!!
  206. Modifying the Fiero B Pillar.
  207. DnR Diablo Roadster pics needed
  208. supplier for Leather / Vinyl / Material
  209. Rev gas door
  210. Weatherstripping
  211. mounting spacers
  212. name that steering rack
  213. Countach replica wheels solution!
  214. IFG 6.0 headliner-rear window-windshield post-sunvisor paterns
  215. Single Stage Urethane - Trying to get it to go flat!
  216. Dual rear Radiators vs. Single up front Radiators
  217. more questions on my Diablo roadster build
  218. Diablo Roadster mirror plate PICS?
  219. running out of ideas...stuck brake caliper bolt!?!?
  220. HOw to? Connecting wiring to Fiero PIN harness
  221. About to start 3800sc swap in Fiero
  222. I need some help..............can you tell me who mqkes this body? Thanks
  223. 6.0 engine-trunk-door-interior data plates, info stickers (looking for)
  224. Dialbo Roadster windshield trim
  225. Has Anyone Gotten A Mercedes V12 Running In A Kit?
  226. looking for a paint code
  227. How do you get the outer plastic shell off the doors?
  228. Im new in this forum and replica builds
  229. bmw front bumper measurements
  230. Who build best interior for murcielago !!!
  231. Diablo gauge questions-
  232. Painless Wiring - Push Button Start
  233. Fiero cradle bushings
  234. Cool Mod for F430 Headlights!
  235. mr2 f430 replica question on how to install a part and replica roof
  236. Engine oil
  237. Dome light
  238. How to clean up the inside painted fiber glass
  239. Warning light Bar D&R Graphic
  240. audi tranaxel identification
  241. Murci LP670-4 SV Replica- dumb questions
  242. Upholstery and paint job for DNA F430 in Los Angeles
  243. Certificate of origin help
  244. dialbo door lifts
  245. 1999 Diablo Roadster Warning Lights
  246. Murci switch button covers
  247. F430 replica eyeball airvents. What to use?
  248. does this donor fit?
  249. Boxster stretch by Orlando M.
  250. "Pick your percentage" a basic shopping list.