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  1. 345/35/r15 tires anyone know who has some?
  2. Roadster roof mount
  3. Diablo sunvisors
  4. 2011 Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals
  5. IFG yellow interior
  6. Seperating Body Panels - Tips needed
  7. Diablo interior door lock handle
  8. SV Style rear wing an F bumper
  9. Murci front bumper on a Diablo?
  10. Which Airbags?
  11. Which rubber for weather stripping
  12. Wiper setup
  13. diablo info??
  14. Looking for Welder advice, in relation to kit cars
  15. Questions regarding Custom Dash using Additive Mnfg.
  16. Awesome reference for Ferrari paint colors and codes!!! :)
  17. Need paint advice
  18. Lt1 to Audi transmission
  19. standard 4 or 5 bolt rims to centerlock?
  20. What are the right size spacers?
  21. i lost my chassis drawings help diablo replica
  22. i need tubular dynamis chassis plans
  23. Total Perfomance ?????
  24. which spindal for replica chassis diablo
  25. 355 owners around Toronto - I need help, and my story
  26. Lambo body disassembly before paint is applied
  27. tubular dynamis replica chassis metal thickness ?.
  28. Has anyone put electronically adjustable shocks on a kit car?
  29. F40 LM Bi Wing
  30. Empty bumper......on my replica ??????
  31. Debating on stripping the carpet... Do it?
  32. BMW V12 starter
  33. great idea for making LED light rings around headlights...
  34. 3" Frame stretch on fiero needed in chicago area
  35. Good Price for AFI Countach
  36. audi tt, celica, bolt pattern is 5x100 so can i......?
  37. Custom Radiators
  38. Best density foam for mold making
  39. Fabricating a-pillar and windshield trim?
  40. Looking for a reputable car transport/shipper....please help!!
  41. Can I go from Synthetic to conventional oil?
  42. Exotic Sound on a Budget
  43. Fiberglass to a Fiero body ?
  44. MOVED: Fiero Wide Trak front Suspension
  45. Need 430 and 360 headlight buckets?
  46. extreme 360 exhaust sound
  47. Audi 016 modification question
  48. LS1 to audi questions......I know, I know, same old questions...Please help! alt
  49. Need 1/4 windows for Coutach
  50. awd what if reverse irs diffs ?.
  51. Help....Is this the tranny im looking for?
  52. MOVED: Fiero Wide Track front suspension
  53. MOVED: 300sl gullwing
  54. windscreen suggestions
  55. Is E38 bellhousing same as M70
  56. Tranny options for tube chassis Countach
  57. Large mold thickness?
  58. Font name needed
  59. 406 coupe 2.0 liter engine number location PLEASE HELP :<
  60. Mitsubishi Eclipse as a donor car?
  61. lamborghini lp640 hinges
  62. Ferrari f430 rear lights
  63. someone put my LS1 inkake manifold on backwards...lol..... please help
  64. Trick with steering rack?
  65. cavalino on head rests
  66. Best Gearbox for Land Rover V8
  67. Speed sensor connection to rear spoiler
  68. Manual/Automatic to paddle shift...possible for small budget?
  69. SACTO area 3800 SC GURU NEEDED FAST!!!
  70. what's the best aluminum
  71. So What If Side Glass Is Not Tempered?
  72. engine starting problem
  73. Can a Mr2 2003 be stretched to fit a mercy 2 kit?
  74. Prototype2 Zonda Cinque frame and body
  75. Paint Countach Gallaro Orange
  76. can I get a show of hands of anyone doing / having done JW's Airdynamic 355 kit?
  77. magnaflow, flowmaster or borla
  78. how are people handling the shifter/gate with the amida rob interiors?
  79. Which Carbon Fiber Epoxy Resin system to use for Crystal Clear Finish
  80. Countach fixed window ideas
  81. Swap out manual trans for an auto trans
  82. battery removal on the JWAD F355?
  83. Lamborghini Horns - Suggestions?
  84. Inner plastic guard for f430 kit help
  85. Weld 15x13 Countach rims
  86. Fiero with Testarossa kit Tail light question
  87. SBC in Countach replica
  88. great F355 horn info
  89. Lamborghini Diablo Replica Wiper Arm
  90. SBC engine choice?
  91. Wanted CAD drawings and Wire frame diagrams
  92. Fiero strech question
  93. engine swap Gallardo
  94. Need help from an experienced builder/fabricator for a custom project.
  95. How Well Does New Fiberglass Bond To Already Cured Fiberglass?
  96. Cost of Ownership
  97. Paddle Shift System
  98. Ford Duratec V6 Power: Anyone Used This?
  99. lamborghini lp640 hinges
  100. How Do You Mount The Body To the Chassis?
  101. Is there any kit ever built on a LEXUS LS400?
  102. Murcie or diablo molds pics+ info?
  103. Mounting exhaust
  104. VDO Speedometer pulse setting?
  105. Murcielago headlight rings
  106. Finally got my auto doors working...
  107. AD355 body mount points, engine lid hinges etc
  108. help identifying wheels....
  109. Re-sealing 3 piece rims.....?
  110. Sound system.
  111. Exact dimensions F430 steering wheel, who knows!??
  112. Diablo inner fenderwells
  113. fiero drive train need help
  114. IVA Approved Parts
  115. How to shorten a steering rack
  116. Ferrari 360/ f430 seats in Mr2 Spyder
  117. Use turbo 4 banger engine and tranny in Countach
  118. Proper order of fishing things?
  119. Airbags
  120. Spacer sizing needed mr2 spyder f430
  121. Mr2 Spyder ferrari 360 exhaust installation
  122. f430 Windscreen and door glass
  123. Molding rubber parts - Help please
  124. Shout out to BRASTIC
  125. G28/Nissan maxima windshield
  126. T2 VW campervan kits??
  127. Engine Donor Question
  128. V12 Fiero
  129. 3800 SC Information Needed
  130. Does anyone know the original measurements of F430 windows?
  131. hvac control swap
  132. What to use for the Murcielago light.
  133. GM ac control vacume switch
  134. 25th anniversary countach tire info. plaque
  135. Lamborghini Diablo Script Size
  136. Wheel adapter stud issues - Please Help!
  137. about ready to cut the headlight lenses..got any tips or cautions I should heed?
  138. Paddle Shift Ready GM Transmission????
  139. how to make mold from clay prototype
  140. MOVED: Crazy Idea? Or Ingenuity Lurking...??
  141. MOVED: 458 Cad File wanted
  142. Can anyone take a measurment off an older OEM Murci taillight for me?
  143. how to make the murci seats?
  145. MOVED: Pleas vote for F430 Blueprint it will help alot of builders!
  146. Need pics of wipers and door sills....
  147. Door lock mechanism replacements......
  148. New to the forum... www.dads360.co.uk
  149. 2.8 Temperature
  150. Windshield / Windscreen
  151. Gel coat air bubbles
  152. Hvac control
  153. Where can I get the Grilles for the LP640 besides dealership or Lambostuff??
  154. Information about Diablo inner Diamond grills needed
  155. Wheelbase list
  156. Ford Focus Gauges Wiring Plug
  157. Value of replica Murci Parts
  158. I need fiberglass panel advice. Please Help before I goof it up!
  159. Anyone tried a Ford Probe windshield on their build? Anyone know the dimensions?
  160. MOVED: G28Lp Curved rockers= UGLY!!
  161. MOVED: Anyone know where carkitinc got their moulds from?
  162. MOVED: G28/Nissan maxima windshield
  163. G28 & Murcie Interior s
  164. Need help finding lp640 replica parts for my build. Please help!!
  165. Krylon Semi Flat Black - Replacement
  166. whats an alternative suspension that will work for me....? Thanks in advance!
  167. Is anyone using C4 oe front supension on a countach with 15" wheels?
  168. Building a NAERC Chassis need advice
  169. Help; New builder
  170. MOVED: CNC Machine shop needed
  171. Jag v12 inlet manifolds and throttle bodies
  172. Brakes And Weatherstrip
  173. S10 hub for Fiero
  174. countach front track? where is it meaured from? width?
  175. fuel gauge-sender hookup
  176. Blue Prints to Slalom side plate
  177. Murci rear trunk pics
  178. Sand scratches on replica f430 tail lights
  179. Topic Removed?
  180. projector headlights comparison
  181. Spot putty sanding help
  182. Welding machines
  183. Front splitters and UK IVA/SVA law
  184. Alternate coilovers.......... :) Just a thought
  185. What is the best method to smooth rough fiberglass
  186. These are a must...! Where do I find these...?
  187. Fiero based diablo rim options
  188. What year Mercedes latches do I need for my countach.....
  189. Clutch/Brake master question for murci-style kit owners
  190. Body mount and passenger compartment sealing q's
  191. MOVED: replica 288 GTO emblems
  192. Wheel adapters from Fiero to Lambo diablo rim?
  193. Question: How much longer are Corvette A arms than Fiero?
  194. Making narrow parts in 2 part mold
  195. chassis blueprints?
  196. Dog bone question for Fiero guys....
  197. help needed making solid pieces
  198. G24 Murci windshield - not Maxima
  199. Redesign a Fiero suspension for better geometry (Solidworks, ProEngineer, etc)
  200. Attempting to rough mount my AD355 body and have a question....
  201. 3800sc in a Diablo
  202. So who's making a nice Diablo body nowadays....?
  203. new member with a few questions
  204. middle console measurements LP640
  205. I need a lower ball joint for a Held slalom front end
  206. Fiero front spindles
  207. Tearing apart a fiero, any de-build threads or info?
  208. Longer Fiero cables - Throttle and tranny, what are you guys doing?
  209. Alternative locations/options for stretching a fiero - tall person here.
  210. Would these be good wheels?
  211. What labels are you using? when stripping a car
  212. Rear Suspension
  213. Engine test stand for the 3.4 dohc?
  214. Where do I find front splitter material?
  215. F348/355/512tr Door Vent Decals
  216. Epoxy primer/sealer as a finish coat?
  217. Finished door panels, carbon fiber door sills
  219. 308/Mera License plate lights?
  220. Has anyone ever dealt with A&E Automotive?
  221. 2011 Ford Mustang Adjwok Hard Top Convertible
  222. and this option to make a kit???
  223. 2001 6.0 Passenger door catch
  224. GPS Speedometers
  225. Need a datailed pic of Mera/308 replica gas door
  226. Brand new need some help...
  227. Posting twice as a newbie...think I have found ultimate solution to my Gallardo
  228. MOVED: engine choices
  229. Has anyone figured out how to make McLaren mp4-12c style doors work?
  230. LamboJayso's: How to make the rear spoiler functional on the LP640!
  231. F430 steering wheel build, Please think along..
  232. MOVED: Using a real Gallardo for the Base of my project....would like ideas and suggest
  233. Evercoat Vette Panel adhesive
  234. does anyone know if a ferrari 430 front fascia can swap on a 360??
  235. MOVED: Anybody know anything about this kit?
  236. Tips to creating a mold?
  237. Need detailed pics of the inner workngs of a 308 replcia deck lid lock
  238. what wheelbase is best for F40 replica?
  239. Lengthened lower arm (how to)
  240. Murcielago dimensions...
  241. c6 rear axle replacment question help!!!!
  242. Anybody had fuel gauge problems with VDO & Fiero setups?
  243. MOVED: CNC Machining
  244. MOVED: Lengthened lower arm needed
  245. MOVED: what wheelbase is best for F40 replica?
  246. Countach measures
  247. Adjustable springs
  248. Outer Door Skin Removal?
  249. Shift Gate for Fiero
  250. how to assembly two parts of fiberglass??