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  1. National Geographic Video - Lamborghini - Ultimate Factories
  2. It took him 20 Years to build THIS?!
  3. Covin Question
  4. Old school roadster kits
  5. Interesting kitcar. Veleno.
  6. Ferrari 308 kit
  7. ED F430
  8. Diablo on NSX Pictures
  9. gallardo a new approach?
  10. V8 vantage
  11. My Extreme Murci spoiler !
  12. MOVED: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430
  13. post comparison reventon kits?
  14. MR355 replica vs. Extreme 355 replica
  15. scuderia rosso mixing colour formula
  16. Lamborghini Murcielago SV build tour from National Geographic ( Audi R8 too)
  17. Need Advice re MR2 355
  18. DNA Fall Photo shoot
  19. Reventon Head light Covers
  20. engine sound
  21. heh..kit car made tech/geek news :)
  22. This could be a bargain for someone doing a DNA or something
  23. Finnish Maniacs .......... nice to watch
  24. Agostini Lamborghini Countach Go Kart!!
  25. reventon looks silly with small rims.
  26. GM sues Ohio company for rare vette replicas
  27. naerc or chassiwork
  28. trade/buy a lamborghini 6.0 body
  29. Gallardo Kit
  30. db7 looks good
  31. Parking break relocation. Is it possible?.
  32. Enjoi: Released teflon Skived mold tape
  33. G28 roadster door glass
  34. What happened to the Inland Exotic build diarys?
  35. This is what engine needs to be in a replica
  36. nice 88 formula for sale, So-Cal!
  37. Any builders from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucy or Penn.?
  38. nice enzo
  39. Idea for reventon digital dash, "there could be an app for that"
  40. bought wheels for my project what you think
  41. lambo wheels on craigslist
  43. chassiswork chassis wheel options???
  45. Ferrari F40 Rear Glass - How much?
  46. Escrow services?
  47. Is this place legit?
  48. MOVED: 2010 Lambo photo shoot
  49. AD360, 360-Cor projects?
  50. I need ferrari style tail lights, 5 inch round
  51. Anyone know what body this is?
  52. Hope for AD355 spiders
  53. Absolute cheapest possible price.
  54. Best kit for beginner?
  55. Anyone riding on 19's on a stretched AD355?
  56. Dino Replica parts
  57. A funny kit car website
  58. F430 kit parts
  59. WTB Crashed Lamborghini
  60. Hello everyone.
  61. ZENVO ST1 "SEXY" Kits Anyone?
  62. Revelation S revealed.....by Scuderia Marinelli
  64. Very nice Murci Scratch Build
  65. Paddle Shifter Manual/Automatic??? Which Donors Work???
  66. open house at Whodeanie's customs
  67. Looks like a nice Countach replica...
  68. Midengine kit car chassis??
  69. Porsche 918
  70. Will a Viper V10 work?
  71. Making R-venton seats
  72. I think i lost a couple braincells today...
  73. Help with GTO welds!!!
  74. Real 1989 25th Countach with 720 miles on it is up for auction in Alberta
  75. Created another forum for us.
  76. Fiero Haters!!!
  77. Curved Countach glass and frames finally
  78. Flying Ferrari to take to the air in two years?
  79. Help! Mercedes CLS63 AMG.
  80. Dupont paint car
  81. someone close to Pompano Beach, FL??
  82. How many Countach owners are on this site
  83. Rev Roadster Video
  84. reventon proof
  85. Stupid question about vendors
  86. "Fun under the sun" PICS are up
  87. Hey crew! New Rolls Royce "Ghost" on BMW 760li Chassis! Anyone up to the job?
  88. bentley GTC droptop on ebay!!
  89. Aston Martin DB-10 & DB-10S
  90. Looking to buy maybach exelero kit any one know where?
  91. http://fiberglassproducts.de/ NEED HELP PLEASE
  92. Wazuma V12 Quad Bike
  93. mbdiablovt's 6.0
  94. Anyone has the Testarossa Headlight Pods
  95. Would like some expert opinions on this orange Murcy 1 on Ebay.
  96. MOVED: Ferrari 288 GTO Project
  97. MOVED: Molds For Sale
  98. Are there any Lambo Miura replicas with metal bodies?
  99. LP640 builds
  100. enzo design edf430 new additions
  101. MOVED: Rundlc Consumer Opinion
  102. Fun under the sun sucked!
  103. MOVED: Koenig Testarossa kits Available/ 275 gtb in Ally also available
  104. f430 interior parts
  105. UK Biggest Show - Stoneleigh 2010
  106. Want to build a one-off replica but don't know where to start!!!
  107. in da club ....
  108. DNA DASH
  109. Is it legal?
  110. Real or Kit Car?
  111. MOVED: Carbon Fiber Work
  112. Where can i buy it ?
  113. Ferrari 550
  114. Can i just buy this from SR instead? Reliable? F 430 < Yes i said 430
  116. Amazing car builde/ Phantom clone on ebay, builder says they can build anything
  117. Looking to open replica shop in Australia
  118. DNA Ferrari Replicas at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show (UK) 2/3 May
  119. my rides
  120. sub chassis
  121. New Shop here!
  122. Fiberglassproducts.de f430 build dvd
  123. chassis questions
  124. What do you think ,
  125. Video Production
  126. New Merc SL300 replica coming!!!
  128. Reventon style rims
  129. Are there any manufacturers going to Carlisle.... I can get TV coverage for you
  130. F430 mr2 replica canvas roof
  131. Anyone heard of G Force replicas??
  132. If you were designing a kit..What features would you want it to have....
  133. F50 replica on ebay!
  134. rolls phantom kit on ebay
  135. Bucatti Varon?
  136. need help from, builders and shops in atlanta
  137. Zonda Panels real or rip off
  138. See everyone at the Carlisle show this week end
  139. Another Mike Vetter kit?
  140. Best F430 Fiero kit?
  141. F430 Parts Needed
  142. Where are the pics from Carlisle?
  143. MOVED: Window options
  144. Has anyone made a Mercedes CLK GTR kit?
  145. car kit inc 355 ??
  146. Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce: Went for a spin and took some pics!
  147. ebay electric smart car
  149. Need Help?
  150. material for 1:10
  151. need info on a kit builder.
  152. New, drawn, Lambo concept.... Loosely based on Countach.... link inside....
  153. Custom Built Porsche!! Ferdinand GT3RS -World's SLOWEST Porsche!!
  154. prototype
  155. newbie need help regarding murci kit
  156. Tarragon Txr
  157. MOVED: Taking deposits for the new DNA 4 Thrity Coupe
  158. my 360's 1st drive video
  159. Anyone live close to El Dorado Hill CA, that could look at a car for me.
  160. Body shop to paint kit car in toronto
  161. I need your oppinion about this build.
  162. LP640 Based on Boxster
  163. 308 with 3800 engine
  164. Way to go Katana
  165. Two Dudes in a Car. Kit cars are bad!
  166. Just want to Share Exotic Car meet Toronto
  167. you just have to see this OMG
  168. Does anyone make custom door sill protectors?
  169. Are replicas going to be "Paised" out?
  170. Diablo and Countach on e-bay
  171. Need any info/help considering my new project
  172. hi there i just got a new original Ferrari 360 momo steering and i want to fit i
  173. Does anyone know this Murcielago kit?
  174. Don's Murciealago roadster
  175. Kit Car builder
  176. This is pretty good deal!
  177. Lambo Murci lens
  178. MR2Kits: New GTD
  179. F355 hardtop
  180. look for part
  181. 6.0 nuts interior
  182. MR2 Spyder Exhaust sound like f430
  183. Extreme Newbie Question, lambo kits for mr2 with NO STRETCH???
  185. Newark kit show link
  186. Eagle One racing??
  187. carkitmaker.com - anyone have dealings with this company? or any input at all
  188. what is a reasonable price for someone to stretch my donor and mount the ext kit
  189. Getting jdorr's kit registered in California?
  190. Mini van turned into super car
  191. F355 fiero for sale - Poland / 3800sc II/ 19 OZ Rims
  192. Check out this F-430. Its fiero based.
  193. Selling my MR@ Spyder, interested in an original 2001 low mileage excellent cond
  194. 580 hp car any trades ?
  196. Does anyone know how the inland lp640's are going?
  197. DJ Golden F-50 Update
  198. Windshield Cutting
  199. Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster Replica
  200. Lamborghini LP670 SV Front and Rear bumpers
  201. Murcielago kit - video .. nice!!!!
  202. What is the most accurate roadster kit?
  203. New Lambo Electric Concept
  204. a custom car no one else will have
  205. Triangle G
  206. Exotic racing?
  207. Crashed Murcie Kit car in Wrecked"EXOTICS".com
  208. For all of the Lambo freaks out there..
  209. Inland exotics Murcielago
  210. Another Ferrari 308 engine swap.
  211. F430 Fake disc brake help
  212. Has anyone replicated the ME 412?
  213. fiberglass/cf shop near Tampa, Fl
  214. ed f430 scuderia new pictures
  215. Take a look at these bad boys!
  216. MOVED: DNA f430 coupe on Ford Cougar
  217. MOVED: Unique opportunity, Ready for paintshop DNA 3sixty for sale, in UK
  218. Ferrari 360 Side Marker Lights
  219. Canada Closed to Kit Cars
  220. Kit car as your first car?
  221. Anyone built/building an RCR superlite?
  222. Whats the deal with Gallardo's?
  223. Reventon Replica?
  224. EXTREME havin a sale on body kits!!! wow cheap prices guys
  225. Mr2 wizzkids needed
  226. DJ F430 Coupe UK Self Drive possibility
  227. can't see the most recent replies to topics
  228. Minority report kit?
  229. Scam Alert "reventonreplicas.com" stole my pictures
  230. petrol tank help again haha
  231. mr2 spyder f430 rear deck vents needed asap
  232. anyone heard of EAGLE ONE RACE CARS (replicas)
  233. Can anyone give me names to trusted Murcielago replica builders
  234. Prancing Horse emblem size
  236. How much is a 308 replica worth?
  238. MOVED: Bugatti Veyron plug listed on eBay !!!!!!
  239. LP670 REPLICA
  240. Kit car for a newbie
  242. Parts needed (1978 Kelmark GT)
  243. Ferrari Builders
  244. First build sugestions
  245. fiberglassproducts.de??
  246. Smyth Performance G3F
  247. Minivan = supercar.
  248. Kit Car shops in San Francisco
  249. Getting molds from Canada to US
  250. Sideswipe is that you?