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  1. MOVED: buying an already started kit or starting fresh?? Which is best?
  2. MOVED: DB9
  3. MOVED: Modified ferrari 430 bumper
  4. MOVED: How many would be interested in a kit of this design using this donor?
  5. MOVED: 458 donor opinions
  6. 355 kit owners, do you bottom out much?
  7. UK Viper kit car Engine Fit Quote
  8. Trying to contact someone (Atl300) but inbox full, any other way?
  9. Paint Code for Ferrari 360 Alloy Wheels
  10. Ferrari F50 replica
  11. Pantera - Fiero Rebody
  12. lambo kit NO STRETCH fiero
  13. Countach replica wheels
  14. MOVED: DNA 430 vs. Extreme 430 Prices
  15. MOVED: insuring a fiero base kit car to be police proof
  16. MOVED: Unsatisfied Lamborghini Gallardo Owner Destroys his car!!
  17. Ferrari 308 GTB at Stoneleigh 2011
  18. MOVED: Does anyone know Tom Healey?
  19. Strange things you used in your build-
  20. MOVED: 3D models.
  21. Another good find- tool bag
  22. Would anyone be interested in a Porsche 356 speedster thread?
  23. Need ideas how to cover A-pillar on my Diablo.
  24. anyone know this countach?
  25. Porsche chassis. /. Lambo body ?
  26. mini lathe opinion
  27. AD F355 assembly
  28. Kits in the United States
  29. John Watson's Kit
  30. 5 Relicsof the 80's. Guess who's on the list???
  31. BMW I8 file needed
  32. rolling chassis
  33. MOVED: Disappearing threads?
  34. MOVED: HUD-OBD-MPH-head-up-display-Dash Cluster
  35. Whats the best strategy or tool to use to start making a mold of any car?
  36. Finished Mercy-4?
  37. Corson 512 BB # 10
  38. 355 headlight dimensions
  39. MOVED: F430 exhaust for mr2
  40. Mr. Bean crashes McLaren F1!
  41. How to start on a low budget
  42. MOVED: anyone interested in these lambo wheels
  43. DDR and American super car concept?
  44. Countach 5000s - Chat
  45. Canada Closed to Any Modified Imports
  46. Want 17" wheels for Countach
  47. Kit Central down?
  48. Wraith car (Dodge M4S copy) kits
  49. Best trunk and hood hinges for the Diablo Roadster
  50. MOVED: Philadelphia Anyone?
  51. My Favorite DOHC V12 Is Getting Some Love
  52. amazing sound ,for a replica car
  53. Anyone know what happand to Newb123's 360 thread?
  54. Recovered Yellow Lamborghini Kit Car with Illegal V.I.N.
  55. Information requested...possible purchase
  56. MOVED: Sunday night TV Replica cars on History Channel
  57. chassis CAD software
  58. 458 Spider - VIDEO
  59. quality kit makers
  60. cadillac ciel
  61. 430 & 360 Replicas in US
  62. Whose murcie is on ebay?!
  63. 2010 Ford Fusion wheels
  64. New Murcielago sites???
  65. just your thoughts....Murci Supervolce spoiler on my diablo replica?
  66. What would you pay?
  67. Who's in Myrtle beach SC
  68. reventon impounded in british columbia
  69. please help fiero questions.
  70. Parallel Designs still around??????
  71. (HELD) HT Motorsports
  72. Diablo replica in ebay! Read if your interested in it
  73. Italian Gathering in Dublin today!
  74. Homemade Transmission / Utility Jack
  75. F40 replica - WoW !
  76. What is this car worth?
  77. 458 ferrari
  78. What is this sound (Diablo v-12)?
  79. Looking for smart people- Corvette hubs on fiero
  80. RCR in Kit Car Builder
  81. Anyone here know this Ferrari 355 Spider Replica??
  82. Solidworks TV
  83. netherlands and this is my countach mirage from 1977
  84. stolen dj 360 kitcar
  85. Must see! Man get's pulled from under burning car
  86. New to Forum need help!
  87. DDR Motorsports GT4
  88. The Good Guy / Thanks Thread
  89. MOVED: With such amazing 'glass skills, why waste time with replicas.....
  90. MOVED: Try to help someone, turns out to be a UNTRUSTABLE SCUM & a Theif
  91. any body know Chris Pongpitaya???
  92. A bit of eye candy for you Gallardo lovers
  93. Best places to get Ferrari emblems, data plates etc?
  94. MOVED: Enzo Replica video.
  95. looking to build? here is what 2 years and 30 grand gets you...
  96. Any interest in a 308 or 25th Annv Countach kit
  97. You skilled glass guys, please make a 599 out of a Supra.
  98. Still looking for a Diablo! Does anyone know these cars??
  99. Awesome new bentley gtg kit and molds! Someone call Jackie !
  100. Post and topic deletion and other website issues... Update.
  101. MOVED: New 355 replica owner here, if you have a 355 please post!
  102. MOVED: Wow best Ezno replica interior eva!!! times 10
  103. Are Kit cars going to be a thing of the past soon?
  104. short steering column
  105. MOVED: Ferrari 458 Italia
  106. Extreme F360 Kit Car Exhaust
  107. 400 miles on the Countach today (Take the Lambo to work day)
  108. MOVED: Good Car Talk w/Jay Leno on the LP670!
  109. hid conversion kits
  110. MOVED: OSM Hades Build Diary
  111. MOVED: Stretching a car
  112. MOVED: Aventador LP700-4U
  113. F430 black or red replica
  114. MOVED: Ferrari exhaust sound Hi form my research I found that most replica manufacture
  115. Guy in Fl doing the f430 kit?
  116. MOVED: Design Ideas
  117. MOVED: vendetta coupe is ready..... gagliardidesign.com
  118. Chevy Volt Battery
  119. Fiero tranny I.D.
  120. MOVED: Murcielago's for sale on ebay just spotted
  121. MOVED: interesting project on ebay
  122. MOVED: UK DB9 on EBAY
  123. MOVED: Hiring an Ultima!
  124. Looking for a pic of just the back half of a 355 kit, a Watson kit........
  125. Pennocs build thread
  126. Photo shoot on the weekend
  127. help with photoshop
  128. My new fauxrrari 355
  129. Possible to use a REAL Ferrari body shell and a corvette chassis?
  130. Trying to decide on a chassis (MR2 series 2 maybe)
  131. Porsche on Toyota MR2 Mk2
  132. Steering wheel/airbag cover
  133. LP400 Kit
  134. MERCI w198 racecar *road legal*
  135. Would Ya
  136. Newbie here with LOTS of questions
  137. Front window for Lamborghini Countach.
  138. Awsome Lambo Replica Video!
  139. Buying a flood damaged car?????
  140. Joe/ Prototype2 Zonda Cinque build
  141. Lamborghini diablo driving vision
  142. webguy plans
  143. anyone did a factory five mtg build?
  144. Winter TO DO LIST
  145. Super Replica's fails big time with this video.
  146. Crushing a Ferrari 308 Replica!
  147. forum PM problems
  148. April 14 2012 - Pomona Kit Car Show (formerly Knotts Berry Farm) Who is GOING???
  149. Help - anyone living in the Baltimore area willing to check out a car?
  150. Dodge Neon based Lambo
  151. Some pics for inspiration!-mostly mine!
  152. Mad Mechanics Pizza Nght
  153. How to start???
  154. Anyone know what OEM reventon lights cost?
  155. Whats wrong with Joe Griego at Inland Exotics?
  156. Worlds tiniest V12 engine
  157. People from TX, how do you register your kit cars?
  158. Audi Transaxle discussion (which setup works best for your setup)
  159. Barn find Sebring5000
  160. Anyone ever make a Lambroghini LM002 SUV replica? Look at this Range Rover donor!!
  161. Smyth Performance G3F
  162. The show in Ponoma or Carlisle ?????
  163. What other donor cars can you build a Murci on?
  164. automobile addiction 250 replica
  165. F430 Carbon Fiber Subwoofer Box
  166. someone is out to get me!!!
  167. Factory 5 GTM video
  168. 355 interio Gauges
  169. Anyone know this Murci?
  170. Anyone know anything about this MR2 based F40 kit?
  171. Does anybody have an opinion on this kit?
  172. first 458 Italia replica?
  173. Nice custom Nissan GTR Replica.
  174. Zorba
  175. Countach Stuff
  176. Carkitinc
  177. G28 on a boxster
  178. Will there ever be a Mp4-12c replica?
  179. What do you guys think about this replica up on ebay!!
  180. Someone is selling Brastics AD355 on eBay, only its not Brastic.
  181. 458 - Oscar's ahead of the game guys.
  182. Porsche Boxster S - Carrera GT RHD
  183. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my Fellow Replica Family
  184. hello everyone
  185. De Tomaso Mangusta concept
  186. look familiar to anyone?
  187. How many miles do you put on your car?
  188. Lambo Aventador coming soon...
  189. Where is the best place sell my car??
  190. Anyone interesting in building this front engined concept?
  191. Door jambs
  192. Looking for a coachbuilder in EU
  193. Mario - call paul
  194. File Upload Manager Question
  195. Windshield frame
  196. Aftermarket wheels for diablo!
  197. advice on 355 dash kit , should I order from Kingdom Customs?
  198. Help with shipping
  199. Wanted: Aventador 3d model
  200. Corvette Stingray Concept build
  201. Countach Chassis Plans (seeking)
  202. Kit Car Builder Magazine - Tooting my own horn
  203. Creating car plans
  204. 612 Scaglietti kit wanted
  205. Jaguar XJ13 (incomplete) on ebay right now
  206. Murcielago tailights???
  207. ferrari 360 covert my Headlight with HID Xenon projectors
  208. How does DNA not get sued??
  209. F40 builders step inside.
  210. Who's G28 is this?
  211. New to this,Hatchback RWd - Help with Rear Axle/Diff Please
  212. How cheaply can i build a kit car?
  213. the sixten Spirit and the Sabre-videos
  214. Any Countachs in the S.F./Sacramento Calif area?
  215. lambo kit manufacturer
  216. Central Florida Builders
  217. Building new little sports car from scratch
  218. MR2 KITS up and running
  219. Anyone near Dallas with a Murci Project??
  220. Help me start my first Kit Car! :D
  221. is this kit possible?????
  222. Who is PACC
  223. Help! Need Reputable Builder in SoCal area
  224. 1938 BMW 328 replica
  225. Another Scammer on Ebay stealing Robslp640's reputation!!
  226. Genuine Glass Murclielago Headlamp lenses-available
  227. Lamborghini Reventon Replica, your doing it wrong
  228. To those who's sat in a Vendetta seat, a question for you??
  229. Anyone in the New Orleans area or fairly close that can help me out?
  230. could a tvr cerebra be used as base for a kit car?
  231. Aston Martin One-77
  232. How much to stretch to add a roll-bar?
  233. New project need input - Fiberfab Jamaican
  234. 2013 Ferrari 620GT first photo leaks
  235. Picking a kit: Why is this so difficult?
  236. Needs some info from the UK kit car folks
  237. Interesting windshield chart
  238. ANYone know who this builder is??????
  239. new ferrari just unveiled: f12 berlinetta
  240. Seat foam
  241. ferrari 360 tail lights
  242. who's 355 berlinetta is advertised on kitcars dot com site?
  243. LP640 Replica Disc brake and calipers?
  244. Ferrari F430 Replica
  245. Infiniti Emerg-E Concept
  246. Idea for a kit, model included (Photos)
  247. MEV vehicles available in North America
  248. Registration of the kit based car in the Czech Republic
  249. Picking a kit
  250. Ferrari 360 fake brake disk