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  1. Modified ferrari 430 bumper
  2. buying an already started kit or starting fresh?? Which is best?
  3. 458 donor opinions
  4. 1:2 lp640 ideas
  5. Aventador LP700-4U
  6. insuring a fiero base kit car to be police proof
  7. Must See! Bugatti Veyron Kit Builder Video!
  8. Consumer Opinions on a Honda CR-Z donor with a custom design
  9. F430 exhaust for mr2
  10. Anyone know where carkitinc got their moulds from?
  11. G28Lp Curved rockers= UGLY!!
  12. MOVED: Cliff.. Great service and quick shipping.
  13. MOVED: 1990 cavalier headlight assemblys for Don's 355 buckets
  14. MOVED: G28Lp Curved rockers= UGLY!!
  15. MOVED: G28/Nissan maxima windshield
  16. Has anyone purchased brake rotors from this outfit?????
  17. Sunday night TV Replica cars on History Channel
  18. Don't buy anything from Jackie @ CarKitInc.com
  19. Murcielago kits
  20. Getting pulled over?
  21. engine choices
  22. With such amazing 'glass skills, why waste time with replicas.....
  23. New 355 replica owner here, if you have a 355 please post!
  24. Enzo Replica video.
  25. Molds??
  26. Categories
  27. David Terrill dba European Exotic Cars of California
  28. first aventator replica?
  29. great seller! IKR
  30. Using a real Gallardo for the Base of my project....would like ideas and suggest
  31. Anybody know anything about this kit?
  32. Wow best Ezno replica interior eva!!! times 10
  33. CNC Machining
  34. MOVED: what wheelbase is best for F40 replica?
  35. Good Car Talk w/Jay Leno on the LP670!
  36. Stretching a car
  37. OSM Hades Build Diary
  38. Ferrari exhaust sound Hi form my research I found that most replica manufacture
  39. Design Ideas
  40. Have you guys seen these mr2 porsche gts?
  41. Kwikercars Website
  42. Classified finds
  43. Hiring an Ultima!
  44. Clarification on the Murci-Me, Murci-Mike, Mike Chase ban...
  45. lambostuff.com (impressed)
  46. Looking for f355
  47. Madmods
  48. Vendetta Sport?
  49. Who took over ENZO DESIGN?
  50. V8 Archie
  51. Nigel Rees, aka XPERT360, founder of Dragon Exotics is a THIEF, LIAR and a FRAUD!!
  52. I need some advice
  54. Countach Tire Pressures
  55. Any good builders in texas?
  56. Is furgazzi cars legit?
  57. On sale brand new white Apple Iphone 4s 32gb,Samsung Galaxy SII ,Nokia Lumia 800
  58. Another Scam website - inspirationcars.in
  59. ROBsLP640 is "THE MAN"!!!
  60. Car kit inc
  61. Brand New Build Foam CNC Lamborghini.
  62. Beware b&b manufacturing out of mo.
  63. Small engined Relicas?
  64. Has anyone tryied using u-ship to ship a car?
  65. Which engine
  66. Rip off culture
  67. Lamborghini Aventador
  68. Bxtech scammed me
  69. NEW Unlocked Apple iPhone 4S 64GB, IPAD3 4G+wifi & Blackberry Porsche Design P'9981
  70. Paint job for a DNA kit car (in California)
  71. 2013 Aston Martin DB9 successor spied with minimal camouflage
  72. How come Lotus Cars gets no love from kit car manufacturers?
  73. European Exotics SCAMMERS
  74. Laser cutting in the UK - Small Order Springs & Pressings Ltd
  75. 355M Wide Body
  76. carkitinc.com opinions?
  77. Another person selling Bentley kits using real Bentley pictures
  78. Made my decision
  79. Has anybody here dealt with RockStar replicas
  80. JC Whitney - what a friggin' nightmare
  81. Plz recommend best F355 kit :( I nearly about to cry..:(
  82. My custom, Camaro stretched, concept.
  83. Another scam car!!
  84. Car Kit Inc
  85. lamborghini countach concept
  86. Who builds the best Murcielago Replica (kits and/or turnkeys) in the US?
  87. Dreamers corner, consumer opinions on kit concepts.
  88. carkitinc kit360?
  89. is everyone a scammer? please help want to buy a kitcar
  90. is robslp640 legit?
  91. anywhere I can find a aventador kit?
  92. Another F355 Opion
  93. Anyone have experience with RTR Exotics Inc.?
  94. Making a V8 Sound Like a Lamborghini V12
  95. which one is better AD
  96. 07 4200 GT Maserati coupe on a 93 SC400 Lexus coupe
  97. Las Vegas Replicas=Super Replicas
  98. Opinions on 355 Spyder Replica built by Ron of Cool Custom Cars for $15,900
  99. Who has had problems with EXTREME? Get in touch. I'm speaking with Trading Standards
  100. The end all best 2,000 dollar vehicle
  101. SLR-GTR Mid-engine Benz
  102. Idea for a luxury sedan. Toyota Lexus LS430 with a Rolls Royce face.
  104. Another one time good guy bits the dust!
  105. For Sale New Samsung I9502 Galaxy S4@$400, Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi + 4G 64GB@$450
  106. North california kit car builder available
  107. Consumer opinions on an Aston with a Buick Riviera donor
  108. Lambo Sedan donor
  109. Kitcardesign.com Carlos Burgos carlosburgos61@gmail.com
  110. Replica kits that are actually good???
  111. Excuses by Cliff!!!!! A must read.....
  112. May Want to be "Aware of Carlos Burgos" got the Nastiest email from him..LOL
  113. Terry Gatrell - Avoid like the plague
  114. REVIEW of Kit Car Designs "Grande Cavallo 430"
  115. Intercontinental Replicas Ltd - Anyone know them?
  116. 76mx (Charley Strickland)
  117. Venta Kit took my money and ran!!!
  118. Lambo Lords scammers
  119. That's one cool FerrariGhini on ebay
  120. Aventador dream is dieing
  121. REALM Engineering - pathetic customer service
  122. Looking for a good maker
  123. Anyone else getting spurious PM's?
  124. Interior by Udo.. now there is another way... (pic intensive)
  125. COUNTACH Interior by Udo, now there is another way... pic intensive, latest thread.
  126. Is this guy legit?
  127. is this the right vaydor site
  128. Ddr motorsports miami gt?
  129. My Great Experience With K9COP Countach parts
  130. Custom splined half shafts.
  131. Trouble at PFF
  132. mr2 430 spider
  133. AVOID! vaydor bodykits / matt
  134. Vaydor review
  135. Opinion on window films
  136. Would NOT recommend DNA to anyone!
  137. Kit Car Builder Needed to Build My Kit Car
  138. Is he a SCAMMER ?
  139. Ferrari keys Top notch quality
  140. $15k for Diablo partial build