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Thread: The Little Things To Notice.

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    The Little Things To Notice.

    hey Guys, I was just wondering if you guys leave your pedals stock (mr2 or fiero)?
    Now on the murci, the gas pedal, is mounted on the floor and not hanging like the clutch and brake (or just brake if your and auto person.)
    Theres a kit by Lokar, (search: lokar floor mounted gas pedal) and you'll see that its not exact, but it is closer.
    and with pedals from a lamborghini, I think it could be pulled off.
    Im not sure if the ferraris are the same setup, but the murci definately is.
    The only difference is the pedal plate and a sort of housing around the lambos gas pedal.

    Tell me what you guys think, and/or have done for this.


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    Re: The Little Things To Notice.

    I got mine in plan...
    U can try see this...lambostuff is selling the pedal at $127.56.
    see Gear Control Pedal (TAV: 42.03.00)....

    make the base and linkage yourself at the machine shop like the LOKAR's system...
    or if u are too lazy, just buy the LOKAR and fit this murci pedal on to the LOKAR's base.
    Hope this idea will help.

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