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Thread: Fitting door skins

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    Fitting door skins

    Ok I'm hoping the combined wealth of knowledge here makes my head spin... ;D

    I am only a little way off fitting the door skins to my DNA replica and wondered if anyone out there can give me any additional advice as to how they fitted the outer doors to their project.

    I have seen some advice saying to initially screw it on and then tighten the screws (which are inserted at angles to allow placement adjustment) before bonding in place.

    DNA suggest using a molding clay (which thy supply) onto tape to stop it from sticking to get the right spacing and then once that has set, to remove the skin and bond in place.

    Any hints or tips?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Fitting door skins


    I am not sure how DNA has their door skins set up but I have used fiberglass gel to bond into inital place the outer door skins to the inner frames. The instructions below are for two piece door panels where you bond your outer door skin to an inner frame. This method allows you to adjust the outer door to where you want it and it is strong enough to hold the positon once you are done adjusting and want to take it off to finish glassing together.

    My method is to:

    • sand all the inner door frames and outer door skin so you get good adhesion for the galss and gel
      mix up a batch of fiberglass gel that will take a while to set up. Use less hardener than you would normally use so you get a bit more working time with it
    • place a layer of gel all around the inner frame on the ends of the frame itself
    • Set the outer door skin in place and adjust it till all lines are matched up
    • Tape, screw and support the outer door skin in the position you want it to be securely and let the gel set
    • I usually use drywall screws and short pieces of door trim to screw the outer door skin to the rest of the body while adjusting. The door trim sets the door skin at the same distance out as the rest of the body and then you just have to adjust up and down to make the body lines match up. You can fill in the screw holes later with a bit of gel or bondo.
    • Once the gel is set, you can take the entire door panel (inner and outer) off the car and grind any gel off that has squished out of the seam and then finish fibergalssing the two pieces together from the inside. Fil in any gaps left in the inner and outer seam and smooth those out for a very nice finish.

    I have found this method to work very well on both my doors and now my third attempt at getting a lighter door skin on my driver's side.

    Again, this only works if you have a two piece door setup like most 355 kits.

    Good luck

    Edit: for my spelling mistakes.
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    Re: Fitting door skins

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