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Thread: is this how it is done?

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    is this how it is done?
    this is a video of some using fibreglass to line a pool (skip to 1:08) but i was wondering if you use the same method for making your car replica?

    if anyone has any other videos that may be of any help to me please can you post it


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    Re: is this how it is done?

    I use a brush! maybe mexican quaternary technology, but that is how I learned it.
    a friend of mine uses a special spray gun that shots fiberglass, resin and catalist at the same time, but as I know (maybe wrong) the method on the video is used for large mostly flat pieces, in a car mold it would be really hard to use a roller.
    here are lots of experts in fiberglass, I hope someone else can give you some advice on your question.

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    Re: is this how it is done?

    oh besides the roller yeah ive seen other videos using a paint brush but i was just wondering if thats how you lay down the fibreglass sheets

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    Re: is this how it is done?

    Taking a mold from a car part, there are many intricate compund curve angles, and much smaller parts to deal with. I use a roller of a different sort, they have 'ribs' in the roller enabling air bubbles to be worked out.

    These are cheap, but cleanup is a must unless you want to be buying them all the time. Most have a screw/nut on one end allowing the roller to be disassembled and cleaned in/out. I was really suprised at the you-tube video that they didn't allow any overlap of the matte cloth. I would normally work in sections of three and precut the matte so it is staggered in groups of three. Similar to how a composition roof is staggered in sections of six. Anyone knows you install a roof like they did their matte cloth, its gonna leak or worse yet blow away. Eric

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