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Thread: the transmission

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    the transmission

    well i beleive its the transmission and i dont even know if i have spelt it right...
    anyway to the point when lamborghini's, ferrari's well literally any super car uses a manual or E-gear when you speed up then let go of the accelerator then go down a gear it makes that rev sound has anyone managed to do that with there replica car or normal car i believe its the transmission but im not sure...
    or is it because the cars are v8's v10's v12 etc (although i heard a fiat punto do it once so im not sure if they have tweaked the transmission)
    i was just wondering because that would be great on a replica manual.

    well i found out one reason for it... the heal toe technique you hit the clutch and break then throttle at the same time (i think ) its for a smoother change when upshifitng or downshfting.

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    Re: the transmission

    its called the heel toe or rev match blip the throttle on down shifts to keep the rear wheels from skipping or chattering when comming into a do this yourself on a manual transmission.the e-gears/sport shift or sequential manual(paddle shifters) mimic heel toe/rev matching by doing it for can heel toe in any manual car, replica or not.its the driver doing it. to do it on an automatic replica would require an e-throttle or an add on servo(throttle blipper ha ha) with a control box and lots of trial and error.

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