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Thread: ford sierra back axle?

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    ford sierra back axle?

    Hi all,

    I have been researching about kitcars and have found that the most common running gear for kitcars are the ford sierra back axle with a motorbike engine in.

    I am currently building a reliant kitten with a suzuki gsxr1000 engine fitted, but i am having a little bit of trouble with the back axle.

    The original axle fitted wont cope with the extra power from the engine so i need to find an alternative. I am building the car on a budget so the cheapest most suitable axle will do.

    I really need to keep the same wheels front and back so i will need to use a mini hub. Can i do this?

    Is there some way i can use the halfshafts from the original axle and fit them onto the sierra axle?

    As i said sorry about the silly questions but without them i wouldnt be getting anywhere=)

    thanks for all your help in advance


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    Re: ford sierra back axle?

    If your in the UK which I'm assuming you are. Get in touch with . they might be able to advise you on a new rear axle that will mate upto your original driveshafts. They do alot of development work for eXtreme cars and my smartcar subframe and gsxr 1000 engine is with them at the moment getting new driveshafts and diff made :-)

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    Re: ford sierra back axle?

    Thanks alot steve going to have a look right away,

    once again thanks


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