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Thread: Lambo Headlight Motor Brackets

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    Lambo Headlight Motor Brackets

    I know,,,,,another topic. I found someone local that has two headlight motors mounted on the brackets, with the arms, for his IFG diablo. He is not going to be using them because he went with fixed lights. I have an IFG countach that I have NO hardware for. QUESTION IS: Does anyone know if these will work in the countach? The Brackets look the same as ones I've seen. Anyone who has tried to get an e-mail answer from IFG knows what waste of time that would be. NEXT QUESTION: I have told this guy that I would like to buy them if they might work. What price would be fair? The motors look new and the relay and wires are right. Any idea of the right price would be appreciated. 8)

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    Re: Lambo Headlight Motor Brackets

    Not Lambo Parts...but here is a Ref point
    New headlight motors are $120 bucks each around here (S. California)

    For a reference point, in my 88 GT...I completely replaced both mechanisms and paid $75.00 from a junkyard for the pair...even got the little trim plates.
    So Total....was $315.00

    My Flush headlamp kit was $420.00

    Somewhere in between there would be fair, I think. He isnt going to use them....and how many others are?

    Hope that helps!!!

    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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