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Thread: New UK build

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    New UK build

    Hi all,
    I've recently been looking into building my own kit car and have reached the point where I want to start buying parts.
    The chassis design is my own and has been computer tested by a good friend of mine and he says that it's all good.
    The suspension is all independant, brakes are 4 pot hi-spec items working vented discs mounted onto lightweight aluminium hubs to custom built uprights on the front with a similar setup on the rear working smaller rear discs.
    Wheels are lightweight speedline items with yoko r888 tyres.
    I plan to use a mid mounted ford duratec v6 derived engine, ideally one from the Jaguar S-type which is very similar to the duratec 30 engine except it has VVT etc. it will be running off of a DTA S60 ECU mapped by a local company running traction control from the custom located ABS rings on each wheel.
    One question I have is... what gearbox would I be able to use and how can I work the linkage, I plan to have the engine mounted with the crank running from front to back of the vehicle, mounted behind the driver. I've been trying to find out about gearbox's online but there really isn't much in the way of information available, it really needs a reverse gear aswell.
    The plan is to get it running well, SVA it and then track day it as much as possible, the suspension system is much different from most I've seen and certain aspects of it have had patents applied for as well.
    I'm unsure as what to do about the diff though.. do I go for a custom built one or use something that is already available...
    Any past experiance of drivetrain related things would be greatly appriciated.
    Many Thanks


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    Re: New UK build

    If your planning on mounting the engine behind the cockpit then your going to need a transverse gearbox IMO as im sure a normal box will be to long by the time you get an axle in. The most common transaxles are the Renault 21/25, Audi and Porsche, havent heard of any of these going to a Duratec thou, recommend probably speaking to someone like Burton as they deal in ford engines, they may have some knowledge... good luck

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    Re: New UK build

    Audi with an adaptor plate (cable gearchange).Renault are old and weak,Porsche are costly and you need to flip the diff.Hope this helps.

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    Re: New UK build

    but which audi box? the one from the passat?
    I'd be looking at putting 300-400bhp throught it, same sort of lb/ft figures as well.

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