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Thread: Brand new here.....starting from scratch

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    Brand new here.....starting from scratch

    Hi there everybody.

    I know there's a million newbies that must come and go on this forum, so what I say probably wont matter.

    Anyway, I have been tinkering with cars for the past 5 years, and have always found things that could be more improved, better done, etc etc. etc. I got really sick of it. I have been improving my car for months now, and the list of improvements and mods to be made are seemingly endless. So I compiled a list of things that I think my car needs redone, and was going to do a ground up restoration to it. BUT, then I thought to myself, why should I? It's still a flawed and crappy design. So, I decided, screw it... and here's my plan.

    I say it straight up, I am not here to build a kit car, I am here to build a car from the ground up. Taking metal and turning it into a car. Aside from the motor/drivetrain, wheels and electric accessories, I plan to make everything on this car. But I am stuck with a few questions, mainly dealing with fiberglass and metals.

    I don't know if anyone has tried this before, but I'm going to.

    First question I have to start out is with fiberglass. I am looking for a good source of information on how to fabricate my own fiberglass panels. Kind of like a how to website.

    Second question deals with metal. I am searching for a good site to locate information on aluminum and titanium. I plan to fabricate the entire chassis from aluminum, but have been having trouble locating a site or book that deals with aluminum fabrication and describes the pros and cons with using aluminum.

    Third question. Is there a good supplier you guys may know for electronics. Power accessories like windows, mirrors, seats, cabin lights, etc.

    Thanks for reading, and I'll try and help out how I can. I only have experience with Toyota trucks and turbo charged Dodges.


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    Re: Brand new here.....starting from scratch

    Quote Originally Posted by Kjak
    turbo charged Dodges.

    Hmmmm.. I have a turbo Dodge... ;D

    There are a few good threads covering your fiberglass questions.. This is a good one!!/

    Here is my Turbo car, it is for sale and like new with only under 8,000 miles.. I just listed it today and am selling it cheap..

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