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Thread: F40 Rear Grill size?

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    F40 Rear Grill size?

    Ok, so my F40 came with a rear grill that has way to large <><><><> sections, the diamonds are 2" long and 1" wide and it just does not look right! Here is a close up of a real F40 rear grill and tail lights:

    Does anyone have measurements of a real F40 screen/grill material?

    I am looking at McNichols Perforated metal products and think I have found a good simulation of the rear real screen material:

    These diamonds appear to be 1" long and 1/2 inch wide. I sent a price request for this material in powder coat and black vinyl coated covering as well so I'm waiting to see how much it is. The size of the panel is 96 inches long by 48 inches which should be plenty of material for my rear panel as well as the rest of my body openings, hopefully. Let me know if you think this is a decent material for the rear grill.


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    Re: F40 Rear Grill size?

    Maine F40 got his hands on a real F40 rear screen long enough to get these measurements:

    1.5 cm x .3 cm high with a what he described as thick epoxy paint.

    Maine F40s screen measured 1.6 cm x .4 cm and his has a regular coat of black paint so it would seem they are they same pattern size.

    I spent ALOT of time trying to find an exact match to the real screen. I have got in a piece of 1 ft x 6 ft piece I will use. The sizes you will find on these are from the size of the opening short ways. Therefore what I ordered was 1/4" x 18 guage. To be honest I have not taken time to measure it and compare it to the numbers provided by Maine F40. Hopefully by tomorrow I will take them along with some picts and post them on my build thread for you to check out.

    Hope this helps.

    Building a F40 replica, 4.9 caddy, 5 speed.

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    Re: F40 Rear Grill size?

    I am definitely interested in seeing pics and measurements. If it looks like a good match I would also like to know where you sourced it from. Armed with the new knowledge you passed on it doesn't look like McNichols has anything that will work. Their 1/4" X 18 gauge looks much "flatter" and not as pronounced of a diamond shape as the F40's.


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    Re: F40 Rear Grill size?

    McNichols is located in Tampa and has the exact same design shown on the OEM F-40.
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