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Thread: Transporting incomplete kit?

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    Transporting incomplete kit?

    Anyone have advice about transporting an incomplete kit? I've used auto transport companies in the past, but the cars have always been complete and weatherproof.

    I'm looking at getting a car that is mostly assembled and is running, but has extra parts along with it. It also would need to be covered in some way for transport.

    Anyone in the Atlanta area with a flatbed trailer want to take a trip to Houston?

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    Re: Transporting incomplete kit?

    Call up Moving Companies. Their dispatchers are always looking to fill a load. You'll need a flatbed to load/unload... but those are easy to schedule.

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    Re: Transporting incomplete kit?

    I'd try for something like this. I've transported several cars nationwide plus their parts. The idea is similar to e-bay. You are putting out for bid what you want to ship. Just make sure that whoever accepts the job has proof of insurance. I once caught a hot tub company that was coming back empty with their fully enclosed trailer rig. Another time I caught a guy with a large flat bed trailer coming back empty from California. Pricing was most times, half what was quoted by moving companies. Thing about most of those movers is they will just accumulate stuff in warehouses until they've got enough stuff to ship. They'll also possibly use several other contractors along the way for your haul as well. Buddy of mine took over 3 weeks for his car to arrive and he paid at least double what I would have accepted on Uship.

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